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  1. DeadlySinz says:

    the top point is messed.

    time for a fixing :)

  2. zentex says:

    I’m sorry, I have a real problem with people wanting something for nothing. (RE: xbox post). MS has clearly stated MANY times that they will only fix 3-lights on non-warranty work.

    Maybe they should have thought about purchasing that extended warranty when they bought the xbox. I wished I had until MS said they’d fix the RRoD for free.

    “I have one red light. I DEMAND YOU FIX IT”. boo hoo. If my box breaks, I’ll be upset. But I’ll either pay MS to fix it or go buy a new one.

    Clearly this guy ABUSED the EECB in this case.

  3. Traveshamockery says:

    This is a ridiculous use of an EECB. I hope MS doesn’t give in. The RRoD is a specific type of failure indicated by three red lights in a particular configuration. Other “red lights” aren’t covered under that extended warranty. One red light isn’t even a “Ring” anyway.

  4. SpecialEd says:

    “My wife has 30+ open credit card accounts with balances spread across them. Most of them are low balances but some are outrageous (10% or higher).”

    Dude needs to turn her into an EX-wife.

  5. freshyill says:

    The Xbox (not X-Box) guy was right to *ask nicely* for a free repair, since it does suck that his console gave out so soon out of warranty. But, he is by no means entitled to it. Microsoft extended warranties to cover a specific type of hardware failure — and this is not it.

    He needs to get his head out of his goddamn ass and understand why he’s wrong and Microsoft is right here. Microsoft did the right thing by covering the RRoD, which was a widespread problem. This is completely different.

    I swear, his logic must be something like this: Those jerks with *three* lights get theirs fixed for free, but I only have one measly light and they won’t fix mine!

    He needs to drop the issue now.

  6. freshyill says:

    @SpecialEd: Common question: Would you like to save 20% on your purchase at the Gap today?

    Wife’s new answer: No thanks, I have way too many high interest credit cards, and I’m not a total moron. Your stupid card is a way to make me pay more. You can keep it.

  7. Justin42 says:

    I agree that Microsoft has made it very clear the 3 year warranty is only for the 3 lights, but I hope this brings that issue even more to the forefront– I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read “Oh, don’t worry about the 360, they have 3 year warranties”.. the real answer is no, they don’t, unless you have a very specific failure.

    I wouldn’t put it past MS to change the OS error codes so 3 red rings almost never appear anymore. ;)

    Until Microsoft proves that any given, average, 360 can be built without a 50% chance of failure, people need to look VERY closely at the warranty situation and understand there are many, many times that a 360 WON’T get an extended warranty.

  8. Buran says:

    @SpecialEd: C’mon, she reduced it from 40k and is obviously working to pay it down. You don’t abuse people for trying to fix and acknowledge their past mistakes.

    My bf and I broke up, but it wasn’t caused by his excessive debt.

  9. danieldavis says:

    What makes the RRoD different from other failures? Sure its more widespread, but are they not all hardware failures? So Microsoft can now dictate what hardware failures are acceptable? None should be acceptable. If there are a high number of failures, all failures should be considered, and it seems Microsoft took the easy way out at making it look like they care about their customers. Pfft baloney.

    Anyway, the guy should just buy a Sony system or the Wii.