Calculate The "Emissions Cost" Of Your Next Flight

Enpalo is an online calculator that lets you estimate the flight emissions of your next airplane jaunt—you choose an airline, enter your origin and destination, then sit back and light up a cigar while you laugh about how many baby polar bears you’re drowning.

Officially the calculator is part of a for-profit that lets you purchase carbon offset credits, but we remain skeptical of the idea that you can buy your way free from carbon emissions. What it could be useful for, though, is comparing different airlines to see which one comes in with the lowest score, and then factoring that into your next travel booking.

“New emissions calculator reveals true cost of your flight” []


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  1. humphrmi says:

    I’d rather light my cigar with paper made from virgin free-grown trees and then squash it out with my foot on a baby polar bear rug.

    But this is good too.

    BTW some airlines offer carbon offsets – for instance British Airways – []

  2. Bryan Price says:

    Considering they don’t even list the airports I’m liable to go, (ATL to JNB via DKR, of which it doesn’t know JNB or DKR), but they list a whole butt-load of weird airports, I have to say that I’m unimpressed.

  3. kelptocratic says:

    Lucky for me, I keep my cigars in a panda-skin humidor.

  4. LUV2CattleCall says:

    So many unaccounted variables…. for example point to point vs. via a hub. Also consider that if you decide to drive/bike instead, the plane is still going to fly…it’ll just have an empty seat. The amount of Jet-A needed for each addition/incremental pax is negligible.

  5. TechnoDestructo says:


    If 200 people decide to drive/bike instead, day after day, month after month, eventually that plane will stop flying.

  6. humphrmi says:

    @TechnoDestructo: If 200 people decided to drive instead, it would likely use more fuel and emit more carbon than one plane flying, and we’d lose.

    What will really save the planet is if 200 people decide that they didn’t need to make that trip after all.

    Personally I like driving better, and I’ve been taking my family on road trips every year for some time instead of flying. But I’m under no illusion that it’s saving the earth, just my sanity.

  7. LUV2CattleCall says:


    That’s one hell of an assumption though… it’s much more probably that customer X could skip a car trip and go by plane than it is that Airline x will skip a flight and tell everyone to drive…

    Also, as humphrmi said, you’d be worse off if everyone drove…

    on a mile:mile basis, the ONLY way a car’s fuel economy is anywhere close to a modern turbofan aircraft is if it’s a Prius with 5 people in it (I did the math, not juse spewing stuff).

    That’s not even taking into account that an aircraft goes in a straight line vs. a car.

    As far as bikers go…feel free to do a transcon bike – but don’t forget to account for all the CO2 put out by the cows you’re eating the flesh of for calories.

  8. synergy says:

    I like how the airline with the lowest emissions serves less than 10 cities from what I can tell. How about giving me numbers for airlines that actually come to the city from which I’m starting?