3-Part Amazon Coupon Code Book

CouponCodesMall has rounded up some previously published Amazon deal hacks into one Amazon coupon code e-book in three parts:

1) Working coupon codes for specific products and categories
2) an easy-to-use widget to search by category for discounted products depending how much of a percentage they’re on sale for
3) An Amazon deal search engine

Number 3 is probably the most useful one. Rebate checks start arriving Monday… just because you’re stimulating the economy doesn’t mean you need to overpay.

Amazon Coupons & Review [Coupon Codes Mall]


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  1. christoj879 says:

    Combine it with the 3% Amazon Visa and mmmmmmm

  2. thalia says:

    Link, anyone? The one provided doesn’t work.

  3. rmric0.wedding.photographer.and.manny says:

    I’m sorry, by coupons do they mean the arbitrary discounts that Amazon appends to items to make them look like a fantastic deal?

    I like Amazon, but I’m not really saving 50% on socks if you doubled the price at the outset.

  4. Rusted says:

    I saved a bundle on Amazon this month. Bought nada.

  5. OfficeMaxie says:

    I say yay for Amazon.

    A book I ordered did not show up, thought the shipment tracking showed it had been delivered over a week ago. I called amazon c/s, got to speak with a live human immediately, who got a replacement book shipped. It all took less than 60 seconds.