LendingTree Lawyers Threaten Blogger With Defamation

Alex Stenback of Behind the Mortgage recently posted the LendingTree data breach story seen here, and his posting attracted a provocative comment regarding LendingTree’s lending practices. In short, the commenter alleged that LendingTree does not let banks compete, but has its own internal lending division (Home Loan Center) that does all the “competing.”

Who knows where the commenter got his information, but a class-action lawsuit in 2006 alleged just that: banks were not really competing, just LendingTree employees. As far as I can tell, the lawsuit is ongoing.

Apparently, all this bothered LendingTree, which sent its lawyer after Stenback to remove the comment, suggesting that by hosting it, Stenback was defaming LendingTree (not likely):

Thanks Alex. Perhaps I was unclear. Are you unwilling to remove the entire comment? It is rife with defamatory comments about LendingTree officers. We would very much appreciate you doing as other blogs have done with this exact comment by removing it entirely.

Maybe that is a polite request, but it sounds like a threat to me. And heck, it sounds like the comment even has some basis in fact.

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