Disney Employees Dig Through Trash To Find Couple's Lost Wedding Rings

While on vacation at Walt Disney World, Paul and Karen (well actually just Paul) accidentally threw out their “engagement, wedding and five-year-anniversary rings.” The hotel staff told them it would be virtually impossible to reclaim them, but after the family left, the staff realized the trash hadn’t been compacted yet—so they dug through “bag after bag” of trash until they found the rings.

Back at the Wilderness Lodge resort, executive housekeeper Drew Weaver realized that trash from the Campanales’ villa hadn’t reached the industrial-size compactor yet. He and seven other volunteers donned protective clothing, emptied a parking lot bin and waded through bag after bag of rubbish to find the rings. And they did.
“That’s not the first time we’ve gone through trash — oh, no,” Weaver said. “We don’t always find things. Many times we come up empty. But we didn’t this time.”

“Disney Workers Recover Wedding Rings Mistakenly Thrown Away” [Fox News]
(Thanks to Robert!)
(Photo: Savannah Grandfather)

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