Update: Macy's Apologizes For Confiscating Your Item Because Another Customer Wants It

Dyan says that Macy’s contacted her with the apology she was looking for.

Here it is:

I wanted to apologize personally for the way you were treated in our store. I’m very sorry that you were dismissed so rudely. I have looked into the situation you described and have discovered that there is no policy that outlines customer service in this kind of situation. We like to think that we give our employees enough training and flexibility to make smart customer service decisions even without direct guidance, but unfortunately (as you have experienced) this isn’t always the case. There were many alternatives that our employee could have chosen to make sure that both customers in this situation went home happy, and our employee failed in that regard. Although I have not heard our employee’s side of the story, there’s simply never an excuse for that kind of rude behavior, especially from a manager (if that was, in fact, the identity of the employee in question).

With your permission, I would like to take corrective action so that this employee can learn from his mistake. Do you happen to recall the employee’s name, and/or the location of the store you were visiting that day? Rest assured that the employee will not be terminated – I’ll simply recommend that he be given more training when it comes to customer service so that we can avoid problems like this in the future.

Once again, please accept my sincerest apologies; thank you for bringing this to my attention, and I hope we can convince you to shop at Macy’s again.

It seems that anarchy will no longer rule at that particular Macy’s.

(Photo:Ben Popken)

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