Free "You Don't Need It" Stickers

Receive these beautiful stickers by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Steve Lambert/Anti-Advertising Agency
c/o Eyebeam OpenLab
540 W.21st ST.
New York, NY 10011

You Don’t Need It – Stickers [Anti-Advertising Agency via Don’t Believe The Hypebeast]


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  1. burgundyyears says:

    I don’t need these.

  2. SuffolkHouse says:

    I love the direction in which this website it headed. It would be great if, like DailyKos, members could fund fellowships so that we could pay people to be activists through the site.

  3. Ftp1423 says:

    @burgundyyears: Yes you do, it’s being advertised to you.

  4. phoenixsflame says:

    I’d love to use this on all of the Hillary Signs.

  5. cmcd14 says:

    @phoenixsflame: Hillary is definitely an “it.”

  6. iMe2 says:

    If I’m too lazy to buy too much stuff I’m definitely too lazy to do this.

  7. Moosehawk says:

    I’m always telling people they don’t need it.

    Just last night my girlfriend wanted dessert. I was like, “woman, you don’t need that.”

    We saved $4.

  8. shan6 says:

    Haha, I wonder how pissed Walmart managers would get…

  9. Dobernala says:

    @phoenixsflame: I’d love to use them on all the signs of each political candidate. They’re all useless.

  10. bonzombiekitty says:

    The US economy runs on people buying shit they don’t need. WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA?!

  11. iMe2 says:

    @cmcd14: Har har, boys.

  12. bonzombiekitty says:

    @Moosehawk: @Moosehawk: As well as a couple bucks on a box of condoms :p

  13. Geminijinx07 says:

    @Moosehawk: I will say that if my bf told me “woman, you don’t need that” when I wanted dessert, I’d slap him silly, $4 or not.

    But yeah, we have too much STUFF. People, you don’t need it!

  14. sixninezero says:

    @bonzombiekitty: The issue is with people living BEYOND their means consuming more that necessary.

  15. Myotheralt says:

    how many would I get?

  16. JustAGuy2 says:

    Vandalism. Very classy.

    You want to put up a sign telling people they don’t want to buy stuff? Pay for it.

  17. Dobernala says:

    @sixninezero: The issue is where consumerism has replaced actual culture in society.

  18. Dobernala says:

    @JustAGuy2: The consumerification of society with cheap garbage and crappy stores is vandalism to me.

  19. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @JustAGuy2: The best part is that they include their logo on the stickers.

  20. Geminijinx07 says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: LOL – gotta love it. Anti-consumerism has a logo!

  21. unklegwar says:

    And where,exactly do we put these? On our shirts, as the photo would suggest?

    Or will we start seeing them stuck all over everything like so much graffiti. Wonderful. There’s not enough useless crap and garbage out there.

    I agree with burgundyyears, we don’t need it. This isn’t going to convince someone to be more thoughtful about their spending.

  22. Justin42 says:

    Whew, finally, Earth Day is over, we can talk about unnecessary wastes of resources!

  23. Propaniac says:

    @unklegwar: The photo depicts the sticker placed on a shoe advertisement, with the arrow pointing to the shoe.

  24. Geminijinx07 says:

    I have a post-it note on my computer that just says “NO!”

    It applies to all sorts of things – no, I don’t need a new [insert item], no, I don’t need a chocolate, no, I don’t want to know about your [insert medical condition].

    BTW, it was FREE to make too! Perhaps I should sell them with my logo?

  25. iMe2 says:

    @Dobernala: The Constitution disagrees with you.

  26. GotanOrange says:

    @unklegwar: I believe that’s on an ad, since one that big on a shirt would be a foot long.

  27. Dobernala says:

    @iMe2: Really? Where in the Constitution does it talk about megaconglomerations, unfettered globalism, and total replacement of traditional cultural values with materialism?

    I must have overlooked that part in my high school civics class…

  28. Dobernala says:

    The funny thing is that all the Ayn Rand pro-industry/pro-Capitalism/pro-globalism people really think that we are living the sort of lifestyle and culture that the founding fathers intended to bequeath upon us.

    The reality is that their intentions (as flawed as their creation was in achieving that goal in the long term) was to create a society in which culture was localized and regionalized, at the most. Small businesses and tradespeople provided the needs of local society.

    So, yes, bring on the “You Don’t Need It” stickers, please!

  29. yetiwisdom says:

    While I’ve long been a fan of culture-jamming and adbusting, I have to tell you this post seems VERY out of place on a site called “CONSUMERIST” that advocates for CONSUMERS. I mean, “You don’t need it” is a pretty specific anti-consumerism message, is it not? Not that Consumerist should advoctae for excess, just that this seems out of place here.

  30. velvetjones says:

    @Moosehawk: do i even need to ask if you slept on the couch last night?

  31. iMe2 says:

    @Dobernala: I was referring to the justification that we as citizens can vandalize private property just because we object to what they signify; ie, a just society does not condone vigilantism.

    Plus, are you meaning to tell me you do not participate in ANY form of global capitalism? I certainly buy shoes…

  32. SacraBos says:

    @yetiwisdom: I partly agree with your point. But The Consumerist is about companies being responsible to the consumer. And there are many times when the consumer just doesn’t need the advertized product. And the less-savvy consumer needs to be reminded of that on occasion.

  33. iMe2 says:

    @Dobernala: I don’t think the founding fathers intended anything at all in terms of the direction of our economic and cultural evolution. Rather they provided a framework designed to minimize the likelihood that our society could be co-opted by any singular interest. With the Bush administration trying to change all that, you probably don’t realize that I’m frightened of a future where it’s easier to centralize power in this country if one has the gall to do so. So I’m with you on decentralizing power and governance, but not forcing the decentralization of our economy, which would be disastrous.

  34. Gev says:

    @SuffolkHouse: I for one completely dislike the direction this site is taking.

    When I first stumbled across this site, it was refreshing to find a website that was for the most part even-handed towards corporations and pro-consumer.

    To use a really crappy analogy, it used to do for consumers what a decent gaming site does for gamers: Provide tips, tricks, and sometimes outright cheats to make buying things or dealing with companies a lot easier.

    It did it all without that ridiculous “I don’t care if I need it, I can get it at a discount” crap that you have on sites like Fatwallet.

    Now it just seems to be nothing but sensationalism, misleading headlines, and anti-corporation rhetoric.

  35. synergy says:

    @yetiwisdom: it’s anti-materialism and not necessarily anti-consumerist. Usually it’s in the interest of the consumer to only buy what’s necessary at the lowest price possible in relation to the quality of the product. A sticker that said something like “Raise prices independent of cost!” would be anti-consumerist.

  36. Trai_Dep says:

    @Gev: I can’t put into words the number of times I’ve caught friends at FatWallet, etc., asking them, “What are you going to do with that?!”, or, “But do you need it?!”
    A brief conversation about needs vs wants follows.
    A sucker-punch to my midriff usually distracts me long enough for them to complete their order. And we chuckle together a week later when they get 6 feminine sanitary pads (yup, they’re guys) for only $6 s/h.

  37. ThinkerTDM says:

    @iMe2: You don’t consider a multinational corporation making up its own rules as co-opting our society? Large corporations are trying to change the government in favor of less consumer -and eventually- less citizen rights.
    In most ways, these large corporations are much, much worse than a singular tyrant.

  38. savvy9999 says:

    How quickly some forget all of the times that Consumerist has stuck up for the gadget freak, or the credit-card-rate-hound, or the HDTV purist, or any countless number of things that we “don’t need”.

    One post that shines the teeniest little bit of light on the minimalist view doesn’t at all indicate some sort of major paradigm shift at the site.


  39. wring says:

    @Moosehawk: did she slap you? cus i would. ARE YOU IMPLYING THAT I’M FAT?

  40. MrGrimes says:

    I think people buy way too much junk.

    Also, these stickers are retarded.

  41. iMe2 says:

    @ThinkerTDM: I think that can absolutely be true. But you’re protesting the wrong thing if you’re getting these stickers because you can’t slap them on a gas pump or an insurance policy or a mortgage. (Although with the latter the market will eventually learn from its mistakes.)

  42. Goodnightbabytron says:

    @SacraBos: So you, like the advertiser, are convinced you know better than the consumers themselves what is best for them.

  43. BuriedCaesar says:


    The post it note wasn’t free, was it? Someone (you?) bought it. Then you used it. That still cost you time and money, no matter how infinitesimal it may have been. Glad it is just as effective as this effort.

    And nothing is ever truly “free” anyway. Anyone following through on this would spend time (and materials and postage) sending the request to get the stickers. And then they would spend additional time putting them up on posters of useless (to them) consumer goods. And then they might even spend some time in jail for defacing private property, if caught.

    This is starting to look to me like it could carry a pretty hefty cost…

    For me, I just inconvenienced a few electrons completing this post.

  44. Parting says:

    @bonzombiekitty: Made in China

    So you’re supporting Chinese economy (and ”communism”), too.

    Don’t stop shopping.

  45. zibby says:

    See how one of those stickers is pointing to another one of those stickers on the bottom? I think that sums it up nicely.

  46. smartmuffin says:

    Only in America can you actually start a successful business enterprise that does nothing but defame other people’s products.

  47. MeOhMy says:

    I just need a little one that I can stick on the inside of my wife’s glasses, oriented in such a way that it points directly at whatever she’s looking at.

  48. VikingP77 says:

    @Dobernala: Exactly…Obama just as worthless as all the rest…don’t be fooled.
    This label is already automatically programmed into my head so don’t know how much use I could get out of them ;-)

  49. GC says:

    I don’t need some faceless corporation telling me what not to buy.


  50. chiggers says:

    I agree with the Post-It note mention. If you do feel so inclined to display your beliefs on private property, get a stack of Post-It notes and a pen and go to town placing your notes on advertisements. You can even customize the message! If store managers and the like complain, just yank them off and hopefully they will not have you arrested.

  51. adamcz says:

    Since they’re promoting vandalism, I’m sure they won’t mind when people head over to 540 W 21st street and have a little fun with their office.

  52. Kounji says:

    I’m loving it!

  53. trujunglist says:


    Haha, me too, except instead of just ‘NO!’ I have a a post-it that has a giant circle with a cross out through it. It doesn’t cross out anything, but it still reminds me that whatever I’m wanting at that time is probably a NO!

  54. BlazerUnit says:

    Vandalism like this is bad. Just think of all the manpower it’d take to remove some stickers from disposable advertising. The nerve of these folks.


  55. BlazerUnit says:

    Vandalism like this is so horrible. How dare anyone place these stickers on disposable signage some corporation spent it trying to get you to buy its overpriced good or service!

  56. Peeved Guy says:

    Blech! How pretentious can you get.

  57. TonyTriple says:

    …maybe he is implying that the air around you bends more. With cake in your hand.

  58. LUV2CattleCall says:


    Actually, you save even more since you won’t need to visit a whore to fulfill your skinny bang-buddy fetish!

  59. falc says:

    this reminds me of the Savage Chickens cartoon called Commercial Break. []

    The caption under the cartoon reads: All TV commercials, paraphrased. The cartoon shows a chicken watching a commercial and the tv says ‘Your not good enough’

  60. curlysue says:

    Yeah, because shaming people is a great way to get your message across…