Circuit City Will Not Refund Your $169 Even If The Local News Calls On Your Behalf

Tiffany Byrd hired Circuit City’s Firedog to install her 40-inch Samsung TV over her (fake) fireplace. When she told the Firedog rep that she wanted the TV above a “fireplace,” Firedog told her it would cost an extra $169 because fireplaces were often made of brick and other substances that make it difficult to attach TVs. Tiffany told them that her fireplace was fake and the wall above it was normal drywall. Firedog said that if the tech got to her house and found that the fireplace was indeed fake, her extra $169 would be refunded. The tech installed the TV with no problems and noted on her receipt “Basic wall installation. Waive Charge.” Now Circuit City is refusing to refund the money and not even a call from her local TV news station could compel Circuit City to change its mind.

From WRAL:

When 5 on Your Side called Circuit City, a representative called Byrd, but did not offer a refund. When 5 On Your Side called again, Circuit City Spokeswoman Jackie Foreman continued to say, “It’s resolved,” no matter what question was asked.

“If you do the work, fine, I don’t mind paying you, but if you didn’t do the work that you’re trying to charge me for, no,” Byrd said.

Five on Your Side also called the Circuit City store where Byrd bought her television.

The store manager agreed to look into it and escalate it to the people he works with at Firedog.

The situation remains unresolved.

You know what, Jackie? It’s not resolved. Tiffany isn’t a reader, but if she was we’d tell her to take this news report, her receipt and picture of her fake fireplace and do a chargeback. If that doesn’t work, or she didn’t pay with a credit card, there’s always small claims court.

Firedog Extra Fee Leaves Wake Woman Seeing Red [WRAL] (Thanks, Cheryl!)