Dell: Decent Customer Service Is Going To Cost Extra

According to a recent press release, Dell is aiming to delight you with a new premium customer service offering—for a price.

Would you like to contact the same “dedicated” team of customer service reps every time you call? Would you like those reps to be “empowered to address a comprehensive range of issues?” Would you like those reps to be “based in North America?” All this can be yours, if you’re willing to pay extra for it.

From Dell’s press release (emphasis ours):

Dell’s new premium support service is to provide a dedicated team of technical professionals which customers can contact directly for support of any Dell-branded product. This new fee-based offering is designed specifically for those customers who want to engage with the same dedicated team each time they have an issue with any of their in-warranty Dell-branded products.

The premium service offer provides household support by an advanced support team in North America for one year. The technicians are empowered to address a comprehensive range of issues across the breadth of Dell’s product line.

“Our commitment to a great customer experience has never been stronger,” said Ray Roman, vice president Dell global consumer services and support. . “This premium service is all about making the tech support experience more personal; users who want high-touch support can now receive it. We’re excited to bring them to the market.”

We wonder how they’re going to upsell this service.

You: “Can I speak to your supervisor?”
Dell: “Ha, ha, ha! That’ll cost you.”

Dell’s New Premium Support and Integration Services Build on Existing Tools and Improvements for Consumers (Press Release)
[Dell] (Thanks, Beecher Bowers!)

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