Azureus: Other ISPs May Also Be Throttling BitTorrent

Azureus has released data that suggests that Comcast may not be the only ISP throttling BitTorrent, says TorrentFreak:

A few months ago Azureus petitioned the FCC, which led to a FCC hearing in February. One of the complaints from the commission was that there is little data available on the scope of BitTorrent throttling, a gap Azureus now tries to fill by collecting data on the prevalence of TCP-resets among ISPs worldwide.

Last month Azureus published a plugin through which users can help distinguishing the good from the bad ISPs, and today we have a preview of some early findings. A massive 1,000,000 hours of data from over 8000 users has been collected over the past few weeks. The preliminary results again confirm that Comcast continues to use TCP-resets to manage BitTorrent traffic on their network, but they are not alone.

The data, which can be perused here (PDF), suggests that Cablevision, Cogeco, BellSouth and AOL are also messing with your file-sharing.

BitTorrent Throttling ISPs Exposed by Azureus [TorrentFreak via Digg]

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