Commerce Bank Workers Only Allowed One Courtesy Fee Reversal Per Customer?

Fun fact, it seems like Commerce Bank employees only get one fee reversal per customer account. I had three fees, two cycle-service charges and an “account inactivity” fee. The supervisor agreed to waive the two cycle service charges but wouldn’t budge on the inactivity fee. I popped back in a few days later and tried speaking to a different rep to see if I would have better luck. He wasn’t able to do it for me and he was even surprised to see that the two cycle service charges were gone. “I’ve never seen more than one of them waived before,” he said. “I guess they must have had two different people punch in requests…” So that sounds like the normal rule might be only fee reversal per employee per customer account. Just something to keep in mind should you be doing fee battle with Commerce Bank.

(Photo: the illustrious untitled13)