Commerce Bank Workers Only Allowed One Courtesy Fee Reversal Per Customer?

Fun fact, it seems like Commerce Bank employees only get one fee reversal per customer account. I had three fees, two cycle-service charges and an “account inactivity” fee. The supervisor agreed to waive the two cycle service charges but wouldn’t budge on the inactivity fee. I popped back in a few days later and tried speaking to a different rep to see if I would have better luck. He wasn’t able to do it for me and he was even surprised to see that the two cycle service charges were gone. “I’ve never seen more than one of them waived before,” he said. “I guess they must have had two different people punch in requests…” So that sounds like the normal rule might be only fee reversal per employee per customer account. Just something to keep in mind should you be doing fee battle with Commerce Bank.

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  1. jmschn says:

    YMMV…working at a bank before myself, it depends on who you talk to…some adhere adamantly while others did as many as they please.

  2. AnderBobo says:

    Once, thru no fault of my own, I had 3 overdraft fees hit my account at the same time and they would only wave one fee. Even though the nature of all three fees was identical. I was told they waive one fee as courtesy. I’m still bitter.

  3. xamarshahx says:

    just talked to friend who works there, said this is true, but supervisors can override it.

  4. heavylee-again says:

    I have had the same experience. I’m managed to talk my way in to a couple extra reversals, but they all tell me one per customer.

  5. MrGrimes says:

    @jmschn: Agreed. Many would reverse every one if they could. I would imagine with banks in an interest rate crunch, that they are cracking down on fee reversals these days.

  6. Krobar says:

    the bank I work at only allows one courtesy overdraft fee refund (though it’s discretionary as to how much “one” entitles), but for other fees we have a dollar amount we aren’t allowed to exceed per month.

  7. techman01 says:

    I called Commerce Bank’s district Manager for the NY Metro area after they refused to refund 7 overdraft fees that were their fault. Only would do one, and after more pushing branch manager agreed to do 2.

    She was very angry that I called him and he told her she had to wave all of them.

    Wonder if they work on some sort of bonus on fees.

  8. Ben Popken says:

    @techman01: I bet it’s part of their metrics and they get punished somehow if they waive too many fees.

  9. azntg says:

    @Ben Popken: Indeed. Commerce Bank, as customer friendly as they try to be, is still a bank and more importantly, still a business first among all things. Profits > anything else.

  10. Ben Popken says:

    @azntg: I’ll just have to figure out a way to make it in their best business interest to waive my last fee…

  11. scoosdad says:

    Which Commerce Bank? We’ve got a bank here in the Boston area that’s trying to add “Commerce Bank” to their name and is being hauled into court by a different Commerce Bank in our area that’s had that exact name for generations. The first bank has said in press releases, “oh no, no way will the two banks be confused!”.

  12. thwarted says:

    Heh. When I asked Commerce Bank about reversing fees, they told me that they could reverse 100% the first time, 50% the next time, 25% the next time and so forth, regardless of whether the fees were their mistake or not. Which doesn’t make any sense to me, but hey, it’s Commerce.