Round 26: Gamestop vs Monster Cable

This is Round 26 in our Worst Company in America contest, Gamestop vs Monster Cable. Vote which sucks more, inside…

Here’s what our readers said when they nominated these two companies:

“(ooh i fucking hate Gamestop…)”
“They sell opened games as brand new, mark up the price on most Nintendo DS games by 5$ (hello 34.99 for Professor Layton and the Curious Village, MSRP 29.99) not to mention selling tons of scratched up, used games for 5$ less than the new price of a game. Another thing they do is frequently sell pirated games, especially when it comes to Game Boy Advance games. They have no policy against checking for or selling pirated games, and the employees are not trained to check for pirated games. They do not check or clean games that are traded in, they just put them on the shelf as they get them, so when you buy a used game there, you are basically getting someone else’s junk.”

Monster Cable:
“Can we have a “worst consumer” category, so I can nominate the people who do business with paycheck lenders, buy Monster cables and those horrible Crocs?”
“Monster Cable. People do actually buy their products, they are actually overpriced and mostly worthless. But most importantly, they sue everyone who uses the dictionary word “monster”. My favorite lawsuit? Suing Mike Shkolnik who sold stuffed monsters online in his “Monster Shop” at”

This is a post in our Worst Company In America 2008 series. The companies nominated for this honor were chosen by you, the readers. Keep track of all the goings on at

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