Cablevision: Techs On-Time Or You Get $20

A Cablevision tech support rep told us that if your Cablevision tech arrives past the service window, you’re entitled to a $20 credit (this press release supports it). And if you’re in the Bronx or Brooklyn, you can get a free month of cable TV if the tech shows up late (this is applied on a case-by-case basis but it is possible. Should the tech pull a noshow, call customer service and speak to a supervisor, who may offer you credits (usually $40-$50) or a free month depending on your customer history. Inside, Which customer service number to call, based on the first four digits of your account number:

078 02
Bergen 201-262-8600

078 04 44 62
Bayonne / Newark / Elizabeth 973-622-6150

078 64 65 66 67
Monmouth / Freehold / Millstone / Wall-Asbury / Seaside

078 01 18 48 58
Nassau/Western Long Island

078 16 39 40 68
Suffolk/Eastern Long Island

078 74

078 70 72 77
Oakland / Paterson / Warwick

078 73 75 76
Roskland / Raritan Valley / Morris

078 03 17 19 69 82 83
Westchester / CWN

078 36 37
Brooklyn / Bronx

078 06

078 08

078 81


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  1. ClayS says:

    I’ve had Cablevision cable and internet for a long time, and I’ve had nothing but good service from them. On the two occasions they sent a tech to my house, they were on time, courteous and got the job done quickly and accurately.

  2. chiieddy says:

    My sister is about to move in the Monmouth area. Definitely forwarding this to her.

  3. ClayS says:

    My sister lives in that area and she has Comcast. Cablevision may not be available in that county.

    There is excellent fishing there however.

  4. FilthyHarry says:

    Many years ago, me and a friend moved into a new apt and got TimeWarner cable. They had a program where if they didn’t show, you got a month free cable. The first time they didn’t show. We got a free month and they rescheduled. We didn’t answer the door the next 2 times they came. Ended with 3 months of free cable.

  5. Dobernala says:

    @FilthyHarry: Scumbag.

  6. FilthyHarry says:

    @Dobernala: How so?

  7. bpotterr says:

    Charter Communications has a similar $20 late/no-show credit that I’ve taken advantage of on more than one occasion.

  8. davere says:

    Bright House here in Florida does the same thing. If they are late, you get a $20 credit.

  9. attackgypsy says:

    I used to work for Cablevision in their Shelton, CT Tech Support Center.

    This is absolutely true. If they miss an appointment, you can get 20 bucks credit. Heck, tell them you’re going to disconnect and ask to be sent to retentions. These people can do almost anything to keep a customer. I’ve seen some of the notes, scratched my head, and said “WTF?” too many times.

  10. @attackgypsy: I called Cablevision because the triple play deal expired, but I didn’t use the phone, so cancelling the phone meant my total bill would only rise by about five bucks in total after the promo.

    I called to cancel the phone line and they sent me to retentions who asked what it would take for me to keep the phone line. I told them I literally had never used it, don’t give out the number because I don’t know it, and won’t use. They asked, “if we put you back on the triple play deal, will you keep the phone?” and I replied “So, if you pay me $5 a month, you want to know if I’ll let you keep my phone on?” “Yes.”

    So, I kept the phone line. *shrug*

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been a Cablevision customer since October. I have their cable and internet service. From October through February they couldn’t give me a solid internet connection. No joke, it was down at least 1 day a week, sometimes for a week at a time. I had half a dozen techs at my apartment and not one of them was able to fix the problem permanently. You know the deal, they show up, its working fine, they find nothing wrong, they leave, it goes back down the next day. So after all that nonsense I started to go down to their local office to bitch. They finally credited me a full month of service, sent a senior technician (not one of their contractors) out to my place, set up a new drop line and got me up and running. Lately they’ve had the audacity to push their phone service on me. I usually just laugh into the phone until they hang up.

  12. juggler314 says:

    When I had my cable card installed in my new TivoHD (yay!). The first appointment the tech never showed. I was royally pissed – especially because, in typical TW fashion, they could not and/or would not reschedule any sooner than the next open time slot 1 week later. So I ragged on them until they gave me a months credit – it wasn’t that hard, and I wasn’t polite about it. Next week guy is a no show AGAIN. This time I probably could have complained enough to get another month free, but I was more interested in just getting the damned thing installed so I complained long and hard until they promised to manually call the morning tech and have them come over (I thought, no way this is actually happening, given what I know about TW’s internals), but to my shock the next morning the tech was there.

  13. juggler314 says:

    oh and I’m in manhattan…forgot that part.

  14. chiieddy says:

    @ClayS: My parents are in Monmouth and have Cablevision, so it’s a good bet.

  15. azntg says:

    @Canadian Impostor: Sounds like a win-win there.

    Good to see that companies are starting to take repair windows a little bit more seriously.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Yes, but you’re supposed to use the $20 to tip the tech ;)

  17. FromThisSoil says:

    They damn well better not be late with a time window of 3-4 hours.

    They’ve come to my house a few times and they call before they come, regardless of the time. They even called me early once (about a half hour before the time window) to ask if they could come.

  18. says:

    Long Island you get $20 in the Brooklyn and the City you get 1 month credit Always ask for the reps cable i.d. number, all call are recorded if the tech is late for them that means its 15 min before the end of your 3 hr window as them to sned an eta to the dispatch department also the reps can see on your account if the tech is doing all of his jobs or if it will be sent to someone else or if the tech didnt do any job or if your still pending

  19. says:

    they change that at the *** cal center Reps can only send a customer to retention if they ask to be be disco Reps cant offer to be sent to retention to see if they can save them as a customer

  20. says:

    @juggler314: How is your cable card working ? did you have 5 million tech come to repalce the card yet ? Always ask for a cable card tech or a head tech or lead tech or in house tech