Delta will start charging passengers $25 for checking a second piece of luggage starting in May, joining United and US Airways in instituting the new fee. [The Atlanta Journal-Constitution]


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  1. How annoying. Especially since Northwest has always given that second piece free. I guess that ends soon, then. *sigh*

  2. adambadam says:

    As much as I don’t like the new fee, I guess this is I get what I pay for. I like my fares to be low and I rarely bring a second piece of luggage with me anyways. With AMR posting a 300 million dollar loss today I guess I can’t really blame the airlines for looking at more creative ways to help the bottom line. Of course something tells me this isn’t going to go back to the way it was should oil prices ever fall.

  3. R3PUBLIC0N says:



  4. balthisar says:

    @R3PUBLIC0N: Argue about the policy in effect at the time you bought your ticket.

    In fact, why don’t they just charge $25 more at time of ticketing? It’s nothing! Charging at check in is just going to slow the line down. We already have enough people like @adambadam who are Greyhound-of-the-skies shoppers slowing down what used to be a great means of transportation.

  5. PHX602 says:

    All this time I thought the Greeks invented ass-fucking.

  6. On the plus side, Orbitz sent me an email letting me know as soon as it happened.

    And no. Delta didn’t.

  7. Pack light!

  8. sirwired says:

    I don’t really blame airlines for the charge, and $25 isn’t really that high. That said, I think it should be waived for car seats or strollers, as that kind of leaves families with small kids with zero free “real” checked bags for the kid.

    They should also refund the charge if the additional piece is delayed or lost.


  9. Yeah, and at the same time, the little box they put your carry-on bag to measure it will get smaller. How conveeeeeenient!

  10. starbreiz says:

    Rubbish! I’m an Elite Gold flyer on NWA, who just got bought by Delta. I hope they allow exceptions for frequent fliers, though I have little recourse if they don’t, as every airline is treating their customers poorly.

    What’s worse is that I always prefer to travel with two small bags, rather than one large one. I guess I’m changing the way I pack.

    This is also going to cause more passengers to carry on luggage and suck up all of the overhead space. *sigh*

  11. FLConsumer says:

    So much for the merger being “great for consumers” as NWA blew out of their ass trumpet earlier this week.

  12. theblackdog says:

    So when are you going to report that AirTran is going to charge for a second bag as well? They put out a press release on the 11th