Comcast Threatens You With Termination Because You Use Too Much Internet

Dave Winer uses a lot of internet. Too much, it seems, for Comcast’s tastes. They shut his connection down because he was clogging up the pipes.


I was quickly connected to a man who told me I had been deliberately disconnected because they had tried to call me and I didn’t pick up. The number they called was my Blackberry, which I disconnected a couple of months ago because I never use it, I much prefer the iPhone. Then he threatened me. He told me I was in the top 1/10th of 1 percent of all their Internet users and that if I didn’t immediately stop using so much bandwidth they would suspend my service for 12 months. I asked if I could get this in writing, he said no. I asked how much bandwidth would be acceptable, he wouldn’t say. I told him this wasn’t much of a threat if they weren’t willing to put it in writing, and I wasn’t intimidated. I also told him I was a blogger and would be writing it up. He didn’t care.

We find the manner in which Comcast terminated Dave’s service and then refused to put their complaint in writing unacceptable.

In happier news, Dave sent a direct message to ComcastCares on Twitter, an account that is staffed by a very nice man named Frank who genuinely does seem to care about things. In fact, he recently apologized to me for an extremely ancient incident I had with Comcast back when I lived in (Sweet Home) Chicago (in which the term “fuckwiched” was born.)

We’re not sure how scalable Frank’s caring is, but its an interesting idea, and it seems to have helped mitigate Dave’s anger towards Comcast if nothing else.

A new reason to hate Comcast [Scripting News]

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