Soldier Requires Local Media To Get His Money Back From Sprint

While Jeff Cannizzaro was off fighting in Iraq, he was also fighting Sprint. Jeff suspended his phone while overseas, but left some money in the account. While he was away, Sprint kept deducting small amounts from his balance. His wife kept calling and writing emails, trying everything they could think of to get Sprint to stop deducting the money. Nothing worked.

When Jeff got back in September, he tried writing the CEO. That didn’t work either. It took help from the local media to encourage Sprint to give Jeff his money back.

From King 5:

Sprint wouldn’t talk to KING 5 specifically about his case, but they did act fast.

“I got a call from someone from Sprint apologizing, saying it must have gotten lost in the shuffle and we’re really sorry about the inconvenience and there will be a check in the mail overnight to you,” Cannizzaro said.

Cannizzaro said Sprint owed him $48. In the end, Sprint sent him a check for $100.

“I’m very glad KING 5 is willing to help me out in this situation,” he said.

Hey, Sprint. This type of customer service isn’t really scalable. It’s not cool to outsource your simple billing problems to the local TV station. Ya know?

Fort Lewis soldier battles cell phone company over bill [King5] (Thanks, Landon!)