Oxford Tweaks Rules So It Can Double Your Monthly CoPay

Kristine writes:

Oxford healthcare recently updated its policy to read that no dosages of prescriptions exceeding 31 days would be processed. In the case of a patient receiving injectable solution, this may mean that their reconstitution device will give them 18 days of dosing, meaning that they will have to pay two copayments per month in order to receive ample supply of their medication…

This came to my attention because my son has congenital growth hormone deficiency, and receives daily injections of human growth hormone. The cartridge comes in an 8.8 mg vial, and my son receives .48 mg per day, so each vial lasts 18 days. Because two vials would equal 36 days worth of medication, Oxford will only allow the pharmacy, ICORE Healthcare, to ship my son’s medication every two weeks. Therefore, instead of paying a $50 copayment every month, we need to pay $100, a $50 copayment every two weeks. I find this unjust and unfair, and filed a complaint with the Consumer Services Bureau. It’s just another example of health care companies taking advantage of patients who are forced to pay unfair copayments because they need their medications.

Wappingers Falls, NY

Nudge nudge nudge, tighten, tweak, twist; by a thousand small alterations the insurance company changes the rules so you pay more money and get less in return.

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