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Unlike other companies, Sears seems a fortress of indifference; our readers, even after arming themselves with our standard escalation kit, dash themselves against their facade like a spray across the face of a giant stone statue of Stalin that for some reason had found itself in the ocean. One reader says he’s been able to get traction out of calling the Sears Public Relations department: 847-286-8371. ” I have used this number before and things have worked out pretty well,” he writes. It’s worth a shot, especially if we’re talking about $1070 they’re refusing to refund for a TV they never delivered.

(Photo: Sister72)


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  1. vincedia says:

    Gotta say that picture gave me a good laugh. It just conjures up images of sick workers dragging around the store like zombies!


  2. Gloria says:

    That same thing happened to the Sears near my house (in Toronto). A year before SARS, my friends and I laughed about the nonsensical word.

    Oh well.

  3. Another trick is to go to the local Sears store and look for a post-it or note on the phone or near the cash register with the local customer service escalation numbers.

  4. harleycat says:

    I work for Sears and there really is no point in trying to call the corporate hotline, all they do is take your info down and pass it right back to the store. Everything is done locally, corporate is pretty much just good for sending merchandise.

  5. Cindy Grier says:

    I just had the worst experience with a Sears product/service ever. Makes me wonder if we will ever buy Sears again. Customer service was absolutely terrible.

  6. Joe Michael says:

    Hi cutomer service manager

    I am a wholesaler, dealing with sears salvage bulk truk loads for 10 years.
    1-Can we have a dirict contract with ur comp for sears and kmart.

    2-Or ur dealrs workin w ur company

    3-name and phone # for new dealers.

    Best regards
    Joe Michael
    949-433-3667 Cell