Ask Comcast Tech To Move His Van, Mysteriously Lose Signal

Reader Daniel lives in San Francisco, where parking is notoriously impossible. He came home one morning to find a Comcast van blocking his drive way, and politely asked the driver to move. Ten minutes later he lost his internet and TV signal. Mysterious coincidence, or malevolent tech? Check out the details, inside.

So up until this moment, I had no issues with Comcast (other than occasionally having to switch out my cablecards). This morning around 8am, I was returning home from the gym and there was a Comcast truck blocking my garage. I was very polite (no horn or anything) and asked him to please move his truck so I can get into my garage. He said something about it being a 1 lane-1 way street and he couldn’t park anywhere else. I told him that he can’t park in front of my garage, so he moved.

About 10 minutes later I mysteriously lose both my internet and TV signals. I call Comcast who tells me they show no trouble on their end so it must be my equipment. They can have a tech out tomorrow. Unfortunately, I do not have another day off until next Monday. She suggested I go purchase a new Cable Modem and get replacement cable cards. I do just that. I own the cable modem, so I purchase a new one for $80.00 and stop by Comcast in Potrero Hill to get a new cable card.

I get home and install them, call Comcast to fix the issue and of course, they don’t work either.

I call Executive Customer Service and explain the situation – some Comcast guy was mad that I asked him to move, so he cut my cable line. I’m not off until next Monday (6 days from now), I explained. She said, “I’ll call you back in 15 minutes”. It’s now 4 hours later, she has not returned my call, so I call her back, she’s gone for the day.

I call Comcast Service Center again, now they’re telling me I cannot have a tech until Friday.

I am totally shocked at how poorly this company treats it’s long time customers! I’ve been with them for almost 12 years and I’m subscribed to their highest level of cable programming and the new Blast internet service so I spend around $180.00 a month. Now I understand what all of the bad publicity is about.

If it’s not fixed by 5:00pm, I’m canceling Comcast and switching to Dish Network and AT&T DSL.

The irony of the situation is, Comcast just called and asked me to sign up for their digital voice service. YEAH RIGHT!

San Francisco, CA

Daniel later sent us this update:

It’s still not working. Comcast sent a rep who was in my house for maybe 5 minutes and said it’s hooked up correctly, so you’ll have to call and get a 2nd level tech out here.

Comcast clearly doesn’t want your $180.00 each month. Time to cancel. Why not drop CEO Brian Roberts a line first, and tell him why you’re unhappy?

(photo: Spidra Webster)


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  1. Verdigris says:

    Maybe the Van was providing him the service?

  2. Too bad you didn’t have the tech’s info (lic. plate, truck #, etc) so that when you called up to cancel you could point a finger.

  3. forgottenpassword says:

    not suprising.

  4. jfischer says:

    So, the suspicion about the tech taking revenge was misplaced paranoia.

    The outage was a mere coincidence.

    As a tip for others in the future, a complete and total outage can be verified by plugging the coax directly into your TV on most cable systems. A subset of channels (so-called “Basic Cable”) will appear on your TV on channels 2 through 99, proving that you “have a signal”.

    Cable modems will blink their lights in specific patterns that will tell you if they can “see the downstream signal” or not, “range” with the headend, and “establish a connection”. The internet is your friend in this regard, as there are even freeware tools that will extract information about your “signal quality” from your cablemodem and verify proper operation.

  5. petrarch1608 says:

    why did the tech say its hooked up correctly and leave if it wasn’t working? something’s fishy about this.

  6. Buran says:

    @jfischer: Of course, if the modem isn’t working, you can’t get on the internet to get the info!

  7. m4ximusprim3 says:

    @Verdigris: I agree. He should have them park a van in front of his garage and see if it works again.

  8. sean77 says:

    @Buran: Somehow he got on the internet to submit this story.

  9. blkhrt1 says:

    I don’t know if this is true for Comcast, but most cable and satellite companies send “Authorized Representatives” to do their direct work for them. See if you can get the company that works for Comcast, or give a direct call to them.

  10. humphrmi says:


    So, the suspicion about the tech taking revenge was misplaced paranoia.

    The outage was a mere coincidence.

    So, are you Daniel and are updating the story? Or are you someone else just saying this in your opinion? Sorry, I’m not trying to be flip, I’m just curious if this issue has been resolved…

  11. Corydon says:

    I can’t really see why this was posted, other than the word “Comcast” in the title. I see a lot of jumping to conclusions (at this point; they might be borne out by the facts, but then again they might not) and some unreasonable expectations but that’s about it.

    1) Daniel has no idea what the cause of the problem is, only a suspicion. It’s hard to say from his description, but “they show no trouble on their end” could either mean there was nothing on the outage board, or they were getting a reading from his cable modem (the CSR should be checking both).

    The smart thing to do would be to ask the CSR if the modem was online or not (that’s assuming you don’t know how to check this yourself). If it is, then you know that it’s not your malevolent tech.

    2) They offered to have a repair tech out the next day. Daniel’s hectic schedule isn’t Comcast’s fault. Same day service would be great, but can’t always be done, especially if you’re asking for it in the afternoon.

    You can always ask for an appointment first thing in the morning or in the evening. You might have to wait a little longer, but these things can often be worked out with a little diplomacy.

    3) After all this, Comcast still managed to get someone out to his home on the same day. Unfortunately they couldn’t fix the problem and need someone else to look into it.

    What exactly is the expectation here? That things will never go wrong? That Comcast will wave a tricorder and fix everything?

    Or has Daniel’s persecution theory reached out to include the tech parked in his driveway, the CSR he spoke to this morning, the escalations CSR he spoke to this afternoon and the tech they got out to his house that same day?

    Sounds like Comcast is bending over backwards to fix things as quickly as they can in the face of a customer who is insisting on being unreasonable and demanding. I feel sorry for the poor employees who have to put up with him.

    @petrarch1608: it seems pretty clear to me that Daniel went out and bought his own modem and tried to hook it up himself.

    @Buran: The signal information is stored in the modem itself, which should be accessible over his home network, not the Internet.

    Also, you can look at the blinky lights. They’re not to hard to figure out, and presumably he has a manual to help diagnose the problem since he bought the modem today.

  12. G-16 says:

    This is amazing. I would not doubt that it was the tech. I remember when comcast said it was my modem and to replace it. Head to best buy, get a new modem, hook it up, call back to have the mac id put in on their side and still does not work. Then they notice that my account was past due and that is why it was not working. Thanks Comcast!

    On a side note don’t try to get anything out of their retention department after hours. They really do not care about you.

    And hey atleast with Dish there is a contract so you know how long they are going to be bending you over for.

  13. b612markt says:


    you don’t happen to work for Comcast PR, do you?

  14. Buran says:

    @Corydon: True. What I was getting at however was the fact that you can’t download any of the utilities, etc., look up anything not in the manual.

    I hope the info IS in the manual. It should be, if it isn’t.

  15. G-16 says:

    It really seems like it.

  16. Concerned_Citizen says:

    No way that’s a coincidence. Plus why would they have him buy a new cable modem and a cable card? No way both went out at the same time unless some kind of voltage spike over the cable line killed them. And if that’s the case, comcast should be replacing them. Not the consumer. I would say call the cops, but comcast is just going to lie their ass off and blame random hardware failure.

  17. prameta1 says:

    i’m sorry, but that’s just too funny. i just can’t stop laughing. let’s blame the victim! hahaha, that’s what you get! serves you right for smugly asking the cable guy to move his cable van. hahaha, ten minutes later, hahaha, no cable, hahaha.

    what a shame that seinfeld got cancelled. actually, this would probably be more of a curb your enthusiasm episode. hahaha, “could you move your van?”, hahaha.

    hahaha, the gym! he was coming back from the gym! hahahaha. the cable guy was blocking his driveway, hahahaha. oh that’s too funny.

    okay, okay. in all seriousness, i think it’s a coincidence. they must have made some kind of mistake while working at that location. i’d try to be patient, i doubt it’s malicious.

  18. AlphaUltima says:

    when i canceled my comcast cable internet the bastard switched off my power. i live in a condo and apparently the room where all the cable lines are is in the same room as the power switches. had to wait for PG&e to come and turn it back on. comcast needs to die. slowly. and vigorously.

  19. Corydon says:

    @b612markt: Nope, but I did used to work as a CSR (before I landed in an job with actual career prospects) and I used to dread getting calls from people like Daniel.

  20. anubukpo says:

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence either, but have you checked the cable line for the cut? If he did cut it, then you should take a picture as evidence! Also, do you remember the license plate number of the van? That can help track the guy, combined with the date and time of the incident (I’m an auditor haha)! I just moved to Baltimore, MD and comcast has the monopoly of the area, that’s the only reason why I’m dealing with them. I’ve my own share of Comcast stories, but you’ve been really wronged, and should talk to their executive management. Google the company, try to find a VP number or email, and make your complaint heard. You need to make sure that the Tech guy is not on their payroll any longer, he should find a job where cutting customer’s cable line is ok! They are making too much money, to treat customers this way. If they don’t want your business, you take it somewhere else!

  21. toastydoc says:

    You should twitter it. Comcast fileters and looks for twitter complaints

  22. gkendric says:

    I believe most cable companies take their customers for granted. They all seem to have terrible customer service or as I say customer-no-service. I just switched from Charter cable back to AT&
    T. I’ve had both providers from before and I’ve found AT&T (Bellsouth) seems to react far faster and with greater customer service. For my part my 3.0DSL is faster than my 3.0 cable Internet was. As for satellite TV remember that’s essentially how lots of cable companies get their programming but granted they are much larger dishes and more powerful transmitters and I’m constantly getting “weak signal” notices on the History Channel and I have Charter Cable so I don’t know if the cable signal is weak or their dish signal from the History Channel. I’d drop Comcast and go for AT&T & Satellite TV.

  23. scoosdad says:

    @Concerned_Citizen: Yeah that was strange. Taking that concept a bit futher:

    Customer: Hello Comcast, my cable is out.

    Comcast: No it isn’t. You need a new TV.

    Customer: OK, I’ll go buy one right now. That will fix it?

    Comcast: Absolutely. We’re Comcast, would we lie?

    I am totally shocked at how poorly this company treats it’s long time customers!

    Obviously a first time visitor to Consumerist, or a Comcast newbie.

  24. scoosdad says:

    And now for a more constructive suggestion for Daniel:

    Unscrew all of the easily accesible connectors on your cable line where it hits your house (like at a splitter or ground block). Take a look at the stiff copper wire in the middle of the connector, which carries the signal. If the Comcast guy was truly vindictive and wanted to cut off your signal in a spot where it wouldn’t easily be discovered, he could have taken his wire snippers and cut that copper wire all the way back to the bottom of the connector so it wouldn’t make contact anymore when it was screwed back in. Don’t worry, there’s no dangerous voltage there.

    And to another tech looking at the wiring, everything would appear to be nice and tightly connected, even though it might have had a hidden gap in the connection somewhere. I’ll bet he even put his wrench on the connector to make sure it was tight. But without that center wire long enough to mate with the receptacle, practically no signal gets through.

    Comcast sent a rep who was in my house for maybe 5 minutes and said it’s hooked up correctly

    If he didn’t take out an RF signal strength meter and put it on a connection inside your house to verify you had signal there, he doesn’t deserve the pay he got for your visit. Everything could “look” hooked up correctly but the RF signal strength meter test would be the ultimate check to perform. Doubtful he did that in five minutes.

  25. viqas says:

    “If he didn’t take out an RF signal strength meter and put it on a connection inside your house to verify you had signal there, he doesn’t deserve the pay he got for your visit. Everything could “look” hooked up correctly but the RF signal strength meter test would be the ultimate check to perform. Doubtful he did that in five minutes.”

    I can so do that in 5 minutes.

  26. @sean77: He is in San Francisco. San Francisco happens to have municipal wifi…

    @Corydon: Actually, said information is accessible over the internet… granted proper access knowledge and utilities… which Comcast CSR’s are supposed to have, at least in terms of the latter. As for them having “knowledge”… That’s another story.

    By the way, Comcast as a company, should be willing to make their schedule flexible to accommodate their customers. Anyone who knows anything about good P.R. should know this helps, especially in the realm of customer service. DISH Network and DirecTV don’t seem to have trouble doing this. Hell, even Time Warner can pull this off to a point. Why can’t Comcast?

    Or has Daniel’s persecution theory reached out to include the tech parked in his driveway, the CSR he spoke to this morning, the escalations CSR he spoke to this afternoon and the tech they got out to his house that same day?

    You are aware a Comcast employee used his power to extract vengeance upon a customer…

    By the way, Bending over backwards is calling back 15 minutes after. Not failing to call back after 4 hours and ending up leaving the office prior to doing so.
    Bending over backwards is covering cost of Materials. What’s $80 to a company who makes billions of dollars a year and has monopoly over 33% of the USA market?
    Bending over backwards is helping one of your longest term and highest paying customers for over 12 years.

    After all this, Comcast still managed to get someone out to his home on the same day. Unfortunately they couldn’t fix the problem and need someone else to look into it.

    That’s a load of bollocks. If that tech had any intention of doing more than a courtesy call, he would’ve been there fore a considerable amount more time than 5 minutes.

    I’ll also point out that bending over Backwards is going out of your way to keep a customer from hopping services, but then again, what do I know? As previously mentioned, What’s $180 a month loss when you make Billions of dollars a year off of your 33% monopoly?

    @Buran: Most Cable Modems are accessible via IP, atleast for a simple diagnostic output (modem name, serial number, mac address, status, Tx and Rx levels, bandwidth, etc.). Most cable companies lock out the actual diagnostic tools, however.

    For those of you with Scientific Atlanta WebStar Cable Modems, they should be accessible via (As established, most of us are lucky to have 2 ISP’s available. There are those of us like myself though who only have Comcast available).

  27. deedrit says:

    If you don’t have another day off until Monday, then why would you need cable? Better yet…use the $80 you spent on the new modem and bay a house sitter to wait at your house during the “window” that Comcast gives you to perform service, generally 4 hours. Duh?

  28. pizzaparty2 says:

    @deedrit: It know it sounds crazy, but some people like to surf the internet and watch TV at strange times, you know, like after work.

  29. XTC46 says:

    @G-16: wait…your mad at comcast becasue you didnt pay your bill then cut you off then tech support didnt know you didint pay your bill?

  30. lefty_redhead says:

    @scoosdad: Are you tapping my phone?

    Seriously, Comcast once told me my television was broken when I called about losing half my channels. When I told them I had tried another television, they said that one broke, too.

    And I didn’t even have a driveway at the time.

  31. KogeLiz says:

    oh man.


    I don’t even know what to say about this post.

  32. spryte says:

    @deedrit: Not having a day off doesn’t mean he won’t be home at all! It means he won’t be home during the daytime when Comcast schedules appointments, but he will be home in the evenings when he will probably want to use the cable and internet he pays for.

    Having someone else at the house won’t always work either. If they need him to sign something or to give permission for something or whatever, some stranger in the house can’t do that for him.

  33. ConsumerAdvocacy1010 says:

    So you just went out and spent $80 like that? This is just like the bed bugs issue where that lady spent $5,000. DON’T SPEND MONEY fixing a problem until you verify with the company what the hell is going on. Oh, and record any and all customer service calls. I’ve begun doing it….

  34. @G-16: I don’t mean to point out the obvious but to be blunt, that was kind of your own fault…

    @lefty_redhead: Ha ha, I remember hearing that before hopping CSR’s a few years back. I still see CSR’s are as “helpful” as ever.

    @ConsumerAdvocacy1010: Must’ve really wanted his service back. Bad.

  35. BrentNewland says:

    If I can set up my TV for free cable and set my Motorola cable modem up for free cable internet in 30 minutes (in a comcast area), then I think that a comcast tech should be able to get this guys stuff working in 15 minutes no problem.

  36. scoosdad says:

    @viqas: But we ARE talking about a Comcast tech here. :-)

    “Hmmm, now do I use HRC, or IRC? Better call someone… got a phone I can use? Got anything good to drink? Can I nap on your couch? Is this true QAM?” (sorry wrong company)

  37. LissaKay says:

    I fired Comcast, finally, back in February, after 6 years of crappy service, very similar to this. I was charged for 2 IP addresses on the internet service, I was cut off because “it was left hooked up from the previous tenant” even though I had ordered the service myself and had been paying the monthly bill for FOUR YEARS. I moved to a new location last August and ordered the Triple Play – the phone and internet cut out on a daily basis requiring multiple modem resets to get back. When I complained enough (~12-15 calls, on hold for 20 – 30 minutes each time on my cell phone before speaking to anyone) they finally agreed to send someone out. He replaced a splitter, then charged a $32.50 service call fee. Another half dozen calls later, another service call was scheduled when it was out for the better part of Christmas Day. The appointment was for the 27th. I was going to be 50 miles out of town, but since they had finally agreed it was the modem and they were going to replace it, I figured I could drive back to town for an afternoon. Well, guess what? The tech was a no show. Why? The dispatch office called that morning to confirm the appointment and when the digital voice service was obviously working, they cancelled the appointment, and then never bothered to call my cell and tell me. When I called customer service, the CSR was flippant and rude, and basically said that my interrupting my holiday was my problem alone and refused to get the tech to come out there that day.

    When I got back into town after the holidays, I called again to reschedule and this one time I got someone that understood the problem, was truly empathetic and really tried to help. The techs that came out finally found the problem and fixed it, and all was well … I had decided to give Comcast this one last chance. But ya know what? They blew it. It was on the next bill that the service charge appeared. When I called to get it taken off, the CSR was rude, basically called me a liar and refused to escalate me to a supervisor. It took three more calls to get the charge reversed.

    I am now enjoying AT&T phone and DSL, and DirecTV.

    But Comcast has one last gift for me … they are billing me through April 14, even though the phone was switched over as of 2/29 and the TV and internet by 3/8. This is a battle that still rages on … it’s Comcraptic!

  38. @BrentNewland: …And break the law in the process.

  39. LikeYourFace says:

    @KogeLiz: Thanks for sharing! Please stop using my oxygen.

  40. Unless the writer’s drop outside wasn’t tagged properly, your service was probably still on. When I have to verify NOT HOME status on trouble calls here at Brighthouse half the time people don’t even pick up their phone, have OLD out of date contact info in the billing system, or in rare cases the retardo CSRs enter the info wrong.

    As an FYI tech usually block their numbers when calling a customer so they don’t get blown out of the water with call backs at all hours for minor things. If you have a scheduled appt that day WATCH YOUR PHONE, especially if you specifically asked for a call ahead and pick up those UNKNOWN/PRIVATE caller ID calls.

  41. Wimpkins says:

    I play it cool with these guys, they smoked a cigarette in my place and asked for a tip in advance, swear.

  42. KogeLiz says:

    As soon as you get out of my bedroom.

  43. swags says:

    @scoosdad: “Obviously a first time visitor to Consumerist, or a Comcast newbie.”

    If he has really been with Comcast for 12 years and is just now getting screwed he should consider himself lucky. The sad truth is that’s the only part of the story that strikes me as unusual.

  44. mikesfree says:


    Is this available in your area?

  45. Beerad says:

    @Corydon: Yes, I totally agree that must be entirely fabricated. Comcast techs are never anything other than highly professional, extremely competent, and of sterling integrity. The thought that they might be petty and vindictive is completely absurd, and Comcast as a company has proven itself time and time again to be honest and honorable beyond question. Shame on the OP for besmirching the character of the noble men and women of Comcast.

    Wow — I made it through that with a straight face. Whew!

  46. Ryan Duff says:

    @jfischer: While you have a point regarding testing, the tech could have just put a block (or filter) on the line at the demark location. Doing this could have limited all cable coming to the house to basic cable. They can block internet, digital, etc.

    When the customer calls comcast, they see the connection is fine. Until you get a tech out to check the tap and see if theres a block on the line, you’ll never know. I’m sure the first tech never even checked this… especially if he was new.

  47. MasterDave says:

    I’m in SF, I have/had Comcast too and I’ve gotta say their standard response to any complaint at all is to blame the customer and say that you need to buy new equipment.

    I had the same sort of trouble around 2 years ago. Our internet kept going out for intermittent periods every single evening from 7-9pm. (peak time, easy diagnosis right?). I have some weekdays off during the week, so I’m at home all day and there were no issues with the service at all from 9AM – 7PM. Then, everyone gets home… the service goes out or goes really slow and basically it just was terrible. We call and try to get someone to figure out what the deal is, or at least make them aware that there’s an issue. They claim that they’re going to need to send a tech out (during the day, which means a day off of work which is worth several hundred dollars of vacation time to either of us in the house) to check on our line because there’s nothing wrong with it on their end. Meanwhile, the HD cable was working fine. I know a thing or two about TV (worked in it for 15 years now) so I’m pretty sure that if I can get a digital HD signal with a motorola digital box, there shouldn’t be any significant problem with the lines such that they need to do any work.

    They sent the tech out anyway. (1.5 weeks later) He claimed there weren’t any problems and because I’d bought my cable modem (I needed one that routed to 2 PC’s) I’d need to buy a new one since there was something wrong with it. There wasn’t, because as I tried to explain to everyone in the first place… it works fine until peak times and then the SERVICE goes to shit. Nobody really was interested in listening to my actual complaint.

    I decided instead of buying a new cable modem just to appease the people at Comcast, that I’d dump them at least for their internet. I’m now with Speakeasy and I’ve yet to have any issues whatsoever in 2 years of service. It’s expensive, there’s no doubt… but I’m a firm believer now that with internet services you get exactly what you pay for. ESPECIALLY with Comcast actively trying to prevent you from actually using your Comcast service for BitTorrents.

    Comcast is helping to keep the US Broadband industry back in the 90’s. Ditch them, go with someone else as soon as possible and demand they act as a neutral carrier, add capacity as necessary to provide things you want as a consumer and get rid of the cable companies that are only interested in overselling and bundling your internet service with digital voice and cable and a dog walking service and someone to come fluff your pillows or whatever else they’ll try to sell you next month.

  48. eviljed says:

    Why bother writing CEO Brian Roberts and complaining? He is off training for his Ironman CEO Challenge rather than taking care of his company. Serious Ironman competitors, which includes Brian Roberts, requires 4+ hours a day. I would not do business with, own stock, or work for, any company whose CEO was so focused on an unrelated and irrelevant endevour such as Ironman.

  49. @Papa Midnight: No, San Francisco had plans to build municipal Wifi, which have since been scrapped. That said, wireless Internet access is pretty prevalent in the Bay Area.

  50. colorisnteverything says:

    Oh geez!

    They are STILL doing this crap? You would assume they had lost too many customers to keep this up. I remember 5 years ago when comcast decided that basic (non-digital) cable had to be $70.00 a month in our area. My Dad called and got a “deal” by threatening them with going sattelite. Well, they gave us digital for $80.00 a month. Then, suddenly basic jumped up to $90.00 the following year and we got sattelite.

    It actually worked out brilliantly! We were happy with the satellite service and never lost our signal. Well, we called comcast and said we didn’t want them anymore and they needed to come get their stuff. They never told us when they were going to come, but suddenly, a few days later, we find out that our satellite is not working.

    We blame the satellite company and threaten to go back to comcast (which is what they wanted). The satellite company was great, though, they came out and said mysteriously that our line into the house from the satellite had been cut.

    We are pretty sure comcast got pissed off and cut it – like we are sure no one else could get to the line. Very suspicious. I hate comcast!

  51. CharlieInSeattle says:


    Well I’ve actually had this happen, and it was comcasts fault, they shut off my cable, by disconnecting it because some tech had the wrong address. If it’s their fault, and it’s outside of the build then why should he have to be around for them to fix it?

  52. @Prolific Programmer: When was that scrapped? I remember hearing from a friend interning in San Francisco that he was able to use a municipal wifi… Wierd…

  53. mannyv says:

    Just as an FYI, this happens occasionally…this meaning a service cutoff.

    Every once in a while the installer has to do something at the local node. So they unplug something, and they look around, and realize that they have no idea where the cable end came from.

    That happened to one of my neighbors a few years ago (it was my cable that they were installing). At that point the installer really can’t do anything.

    It may or may not be revenge, but it does happen accidentally. That’s why it’s always good to be wary whenever you see a service truck around: occasionally they’ll disconnect something accidentally.

  54. mannyv says:

    This happens occasionally. It may not even be a revenge cutoff. In NY, my neighbor’s cable got cut off when the installer was installing my cable.

    Basically, they unplug a wire to get to somethign else, and they get distracted and forget where that cable end was supposed to go. Ding, that person now has a service interruption.

    Of course, it also happens intentionally…but it also could be accidental. It depends on the installer, I guess.

  55. banmojo says:

    @Corydon: I think you’re wrong. Coincidences may occur but this is really fishy. Will you feel like an ass if it turns out Daniel was RIGHT? No? Then you’re not just wrong, you’re an ***. Think about it.

  56. banmojo says:

    @CharlieInSeattle: exactly. and don’t expect them to refund for any missed days either.

  57. banmojo says:

    @colorisnteverything: Comcast sucks big donkey d***. No doubt about it. If Comcast was a lame ass dude, I’d put a cap in his a$$. Justified shooting, fer shure :^))

  58. XanderSan says:

    A level 2 Tech? What’re they sending noobs out for, they probably haven’t even finished the tutorial quests yet-

    Ah, sorry, back in grown up world; In the UK if I ever have trouble with some form of internet/satellite whatever, whoever arrives to fix it will either fix it then or will attain the parts they need and return on a later date. I’ve never heard of any company sending someone out to look at it who wasn’t a high enough level to figure out what the problem is.

    That’s just ridiculous. If they can’t fix it then what the hell are they doing there?

  59. guspaz says:

    I don’t know about the US, but where I live, it’s illegal to park in front of a driveway. If the person refuses to move, or is not present to move it, you can have it towed at the owner’s expense.

  60. adriadne says:


    Leaving without fixing the problem is standard operating procedure for Comcast technicians. Between two separate incidents a couple of years apart, I’ve had them do it to me approximately ten times.

    With the first incident, I had problems with my cable internet after a storm. Some of the techs would look at connections in the house and say, “it should start working in an hour when they send the signal” then leave or that they didn’t know and everything checked out and then leave.

    One tech came into my house, flipped on the TV saw that it was working and just left. Amazing. Didn’t even look at the modem, the lines, or anything.

    That incident didn’t get fixed till a friend of mine who works for Comcast in another state got what he called a construction crew to look at the outside connection. That was after four or five visits, and a couple of half days at work waiting for the incredibly helpful and diligent cable techs. (Yes, that would be sarcasm.)

    The most recent incident was a couple of months ago. I got a Tivo, and needed a cable card installed. The first time they came out, left without it working. The second time, they came out and forgot the card. They said they’d be back out the next day. I waited at home. They never came. The third time, they were supposed to come out but never showed. I called customer service and got a hold of a supervisor. They said the cable tech would be out that night, but it may be as late as 11pm. I said okay. I waited up. They never showed.

    Lies, lies, and more lies. That’s what Comcast is about. With the whole cablecard ordeal, I even had a customer service person tell me that they didn’t support cablecards or Tivo and that I had wasted my money by buying the unit.

    Just a horrible company, but it’s the only cable in the area and because of my location Dish isn’t a real workable solution for me. So for now I’m stuck.