These Headlines Are Getting Repetitive: AA Cancels 570 More Flights

American Airlines has canceled 570 more flights today, upping their total number of cancelled flights (this week) to A BAZILLIONTY. (Ok, 3,000.)

American Airlines says the “disruptions” will continue at least through tomorrow, and American’s CEO says he’s taking “personal responsibility” for the mess.

“I run the company,” Mr. Arpey told reporters at an afternoon news conference, “so if there’s any blame to be had, it is my fault, and I take full responsibility for this.”

We hope that tactic works out better for Mr. Arpey than it did for David Neeleman of JetBlue.

Meanwhile, Flickr Pool member kevinq2000 sent in the above shot of unused American MD-80s being stored on a runway.

American Airlines Cancels Another 570 Flights
American Airlines CEO takes blame for maintenance errors, disrupted flights [Dallas Morning News]