Are Starbucks Baristas Forgetting To Give You Your Free Refills?

The Starbucks card has some spiffy new benefits (including free refills on brewed coffee), but it seems that some employees didn’t get the message.

From Starbucks Gossip:

There seems to be confusion about this at some stores. Since I’ve been charged for refills all this week, I figured the free-refill policy hadn’t kicked in. Then this morning, I checked the Starbucks website, which had this message: “Brewed Coffee Refills at No Charge.” I showed this to a barista who had me pay for the refill, and she was taken aback — it was news to her. Are stores not telling employees about this new perk?

Good question. Have you had trouble getting your free refills?

Registered Starbucks card users now get free brewed-coffee refills — right? [Starbucks Gossip]

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