Personal Finance Roundp

And It All Comes Down to This… [Wall Street Journal] “Here, culled from my two decades as a personal-finance writer, are eight simple suggestions.”

7 money ‘rules’ you can ignore [MSN Money] “Blindly following generic money guidelines might be better than ignoring financial issues altogether. But a little thinking now will probably be rewarded later.”

Retailers Expand Customer-Loyalty Programs [Smart Money] “Here are five recent trends shoppers should take advantage of.”

Overlooked Tax Deductions for Last-Minute Filers [Yahoo Finance] “Here are some questions to ask yourself so you don’t miss opportunities to reduce your 2007 tax bill.”

Fuzzy Tax Talk [Kiplinger] “The presidential candidates are sketchy on the details, but here’s what we know about their plans to modify the tax code.”

(Photo: danesparza)

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