Verizon Won't Install Your DSL, But Wants $79 To "Disconnect" It

If you can’t free up any time from 9-5 on a weekday to have your Verizon DSL installed, the company will still bill you for the “service” you’re not receiving says reader Joshua. If you’d like them to stop doing this, they’ll charge you a $79 disconnect fee.

$79 to disconnect something they never installed?

Working in NY, I have no time for installation from 9-5 on a weekday, and Verizon seems to feel that this non-installation constitutes “service.” As such, they have decided to charge me for a month and a half of service (which I absolutely do not have), and additionally charge me for a $79 fee to disconnect or a $59 fee to “install” it for me. Having enough of this garbage, 50 minute waits on telephone, I think everyone else should avoid Verizon’s service at all costs.


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