NCAA Charges Non-Refundable $9 Fee To Enter Ticket Lottery

Here’s another reason to be glad you don’t like college basketball–the NCAA charges a $9 fee for the privilege of maybe getting tickets to next year’s basketball tournaments.

From Consumer Affairs:

The ticket applications for the early rounds for next year’s men’s basketball tournaments are due March 1 and require the consumer to pay about $200 plus a $9 service charge for each ticket. Consumers can apply for as many as eight tickets.

For the next three months the NCAA will sit on all that money before finally drawing applications in June. If a consumer’s application is drawn, he or she will receive the tickets they paid for back in March. If not, they will receive a refund for the tickets while the NCAA keeps the service charge – as much as $72 total – and presumably all the interest earned in the meantime.

NCAA fans upset about this? Surely you didn’t have anything better to do with your $72?

NCAA Ticket Lottery Ties Up Fans’ Money for Months
[Consumer Affairs]

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