Email Addresses For Qwest Executives

Update: Here’s a better list. One good thing about Matt’s troubles with his mom’s Qwest account is he was able to collect and test various email addresses for their executives. Here’s his list of the ones that work and the ones that don’t.

Working – Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy – Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer – Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President

Bounced back – Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer – Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary – Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer, Controller – Found a press release referring to him, I believe he’s on the Board.

“Qwest Sells Woman “Cheaper” Package That Costs More, Has Unmentioned 2-Year Commitment, And Requires New Modem”


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  1. laserjobs says:

    I will never do business with Qwest ever again. I had a business account with them for five years and they threatened to charge me an outrageous termination fee because they rolled my one year contract. A month later they reversed their decision and let me out of the contract they rolled on me because they knew it was not legal. Since I have steered many of my business colleagues away from Quest to some other companies that respect their customers.

  2. jasonhackwith says:

    I also will never do business again with Qwest. On two separate occasions, we were lied to by Qwest employees about fees associated with a basic, no-frills, no long-distance land line. On both occasions, the monthly amount ended up significantly more than we were quoted by Qwest employees.

  3. yikz says:

    I worked at USWest which eventually became Qwest. They don’t use .net for their addresses unless it’s a personal account. They use for their business addresses.

  4. David Kohn says:

    These people are pretty quick to insulate themselves from any contact with customers. All three of the addresses listed as “good” as of 4/7 are now not working. Emails to all of them bounced.

  5. David Kohn says:

    So how about sharing with us the conventions they use for email addresses, as well as the names of some upper and midlevel executives???

  6. ceramic cat says:

    For the record: the following email addresses of Qwest big cheeses are bouncing: – Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy – Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer