Comcast Monitors Twitter For Angry Customers?

The brass at Comcast are keeping an eye on Twitter, according to Michael Arrington of TechCrunch. He spewed some bile about Comcast via Twitter and got an immediate response from their internet damage control team.

Arrington doesn’t feel he got special treatment just because of TechCrunch, and at least one Consumerist reader agrees that Comcast really is keeping an eye on Twitter:

I kinda wanted to call BS on this, but instead of posting comments on the TechCrunch post I thought I would use Twitter instead. After all, if Comcast is really scanning Twitter then maybe this would pop-up on their radar. A few minutes after my reply to Michael, I get a message on Twitter from Carter F. Smith, with further examples of Comcast taking action after monitoring blogs and Twitter messages.

Not more than 10 minutes after my initial tweet, and subsequent dialog with another Twitter user on the subject, I received a message on Twitter from a Comcast employee. Yes, they are indeed monitoring Twitter for customer service issues. And yes, they would have taken the same action were it me bitching about them on Twitter and not Michael Arrington.

So if you’re a Twitter user and you’ve had it with Comcast, let them know. They’re (supposedly) listening.

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