What Complaining About Starbucks Hath Wrought: Punch Cards?

<!–starbucksideaa.jpg–>We decided to check back in with Starbucks’ social “idea” site to see what ideas they were thinking of implementing.

Here are the elite few that appear to be winners, although only free wifi has been confirmed:

  • Under Review: Offer customers a free drink, after purchasing a set number of drinks. Similar to a punch card system or by tracking it thru their Starbucks Card. 
  • Free WiFi: Coming in the Spring.
  • Under Review: “The difference between Venti and Grande should not just be MILK. I never understand why extra milk is the only difference between Vanti and grande drinks. It is expected that there should be an extra shot!!!!!! Most of people don’t even know this “secret”.”
  • Under Review: Healthier high protein breakfast.
  • Under Review: Stickers to cover lid openings



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