Top Posts Of The Week

Creative Sparks Customer Revolt When It Tries To Silence Third-Party Programmer
“Phil O’Shaughnessy…posted a warning on the Creative customer forums that told programmer Daniel_K to stop writing his own drivers for their X-Fi sound cards. The cards still won’t work on Vista over a year after the OS was released, because Creative hasn’t released drivers for them–but by Mr. O’Shaughnessy’s account, Daniel_K is “stealing” from Creative by making the cards work.”

Confessions Of A Debt Settlement Company Worker
“My new job is at an all natural bakery, I no longer wish to swerve my truck into a tree on the way to work.”

Circuit City Tries To Install Navigation System, Causes $12,119 Of Damage To Your Car
“Circuit City caused $12,119 worth of damage to VTECnical’s 2007 Honda Civic while trying to install a Pioneer AVIC Z2 navigation system.”

Comcast Degrades HD Quality To Make Room For More Channels
“The left is the FiOs. The right is the Comcast. As you can see, the Comcast signal looks like crap.”

Credit Card Expert Disputes Erroneous Charge, Frustration Ensues
“Adam Levitin is having trouble disputing an erroneous $176.96 charge on his Citibank Amex card from PACER, the federal court’s online docket system, which he accesses for free. The professor is a consumer credit expert and should have no problem understanding and fixing the error, right? Fat chance.”