Ticketmaster Charges 168% Of 3 Doors Down Ticket Price In Fees

Reader Brent was furious to find three lawn tickets bought through Ticketmaster, priced at $13 each, came to the ridiculous total of $106.20. First there’s the facility fee, then there’s the mandatory parking, a processing fee, and the “convenience” charge for purchasing the tickets online. After all the fees were piled on, the $13 tickets now cost $35.40 each. Brent’s letter, and a breakdown of the charges, inside:

My nephew asked me to order May Day tickets for him since all the surrounding TM outlets are no longer TM agents so I agreed to do so. He wanted 3 lawn tickets priced at $13 each and he knew there would be fees so he collected $25 from each of his friends to cover them. I told him that I doubted that he had collected enough but we pressed on and placed the order.

As you can see from the attached image, we paid 172% i fees which brought our $39 tickets to $106.20. What a sickening feeling to know that TM engages is such thievery and there’s only one thing you can do about it. Don’t go.

A tip of the hat for Pearl Jam for spending years boycotting TM for the excessive fees they were charging even if it resulted in hurting Pearl Jam more than TM.



Actually, Brent, you want to subtract the amount of the tax before dividing, so they’re taking 4% less than you thought, which probably doesn’t make you feel any better. These fees may be “standard,” but that doesn’t make them any less bogus. We’d suggest you try to dump them on some other sucker, but who’s going to pay more than 168% markup to see 3 Doors Down?



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  1. snoop-blog says:

    ticketmaster’s main hq is located 1 block on the left, passed the gates of hell.

  2. chartrule says:


    what ever happened to going to the gate and buying 1 ticket for a fair price ?

  3. snoop-blog says:

    *past, sorry been a long day.

  4. grayem98 says:

    @chartrule: most box offices nowadays have contracts with TM that includes the fees anyway. I’ve still managed to avoid the fees by buying at the venue, but not always. It just ain’t right.

    Ticketbastard needs to be burned to the ground.

  5. thedude2u says:

    Exactly the reason why I stopped going to Ticketmaster run events. Concerts and most other events have gotten outrageous!

  6. LiC says:

    I work at a venue and we’re not gone to live ticketing online because of how expensive it is. But of course Ticketmaster is waaaay more expensive.

    The facility charge is just that, a facility charge. Some buildings are being rented by the concert organizers and they tack on that charge to pay for it, it’s not a Ticketmaster fee. The processing charge is s’posed to handle the actual equipment that prints the tickets – stock, printer, labor. Of course, Ticketmaster lets you print out your own ticket online now, so that doesn’t apply most of the time.

    Doesn’t the venue have a ticket office you can walk up to? Most of ’em do, you can avoid the TM fees that way.

  7. TechnoDestructo says:

    You should have skipped the concert, if it pisses you off that much. The only way anything will happen to stop this bullshit is if suckers like you stop letting it happen. (Or if a law is passed.)

    Next time, say “fuck it, I’m not going.” And be sure to email the artist about why you’re not going. Every time you DON’T do that, you are part of the problem.

    Oh, and I like how they have the option to charge you a “facility charge” and “convenience charge” for the parking, too, but they have kindly decided to give you a discount. How nice of them?

  8. rmz says:

    A $6 “facility charge” for each $13 ticket? What the hell is that? Shouldn’t the cost of the “facilities” be FACTORTED IN to the ticket price?

  9. cde says:

    @chartrule: then you get charged a day of show fee. 13 becomes 15.

  10. President Beeblebrox says:

    This story, while interesting, is no surprise to fans of live music. We’ve known for years that TM is the spawn of Satan.

  11. elephantattack says:

    This is beyond ridiculous. On par with extortion. I will never, EVER buy tickets through ticketmaster online.

    However, it’s another reason NOT to see Three Doors Down.

  12. Roadkill says:

    @chartrule: Companies buying all the ticketmaster tickets to resell them at a higher price, that’s what happened.

  13. humphrmi says:

    I’ve always hated Ticketmaster. I really wish I had nominated them for the worst company in America contest going on.

    Besides the fees, they require a valid e-mail address to purchase tickets and then immediately start spamming you with no opt-out.

    On top of that, they make little effort to prevent scalpers from buying up all the tickets first, leaving everyone else to have to buy from the scalpers.

    We only do business with them because we are forced to, because we love the performers and shows they represent, and those people have no choice either unless they want to set up their own ticket sales companies.

  14. gatopeligroso says:

    “This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code of Ethics” or “Code”) reflects the commitment of InterActiveCorp (“IAC” and, together with its businesses, the “Company”) to conduct its business affairs in accordance with not only the requirements of law but also standards of ethical conduct that will maintain and foster the Company’s reputation for honest and straightforward business dealings.

    This is from the “Code Of Ethics” page of the parent company of TM, IAC. What a joke.

  15. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    I really wish Pearl Jam would have gotten some support back in the day when they tried to take on Ticketmaster. Artists have to hate this, as it has to discourage people from going to as many shows as they otherwise might. I know it does for me.

  16. elephantattack says:

    I will NEVER buy my tickets at ticketmaster online.

  17. itsallme says:

    @rmz: Right, it’s not like you can choose to go to a different facility with a lower facility charge. They should just give a flat rate per ticket that is all inclusive. But wait, then you might actually double think your decision, $13 worth it, $35 no way.

  18. I will go hours out of the way and use vacation time to avoid TM fees.

  19. zundian says:

    Well really, the kid collected almost enough from his friends for the tickets, he’s $4.70. He didn’t factor in the parking, which ISN’T A TICKETMASTER FEE.

    Yes, yes righteous indignation from the OP, but really, would he have felt better if TM’s fees weren’t transparent and he had paid $26.56 for a 3 Doors Down ticket?

  20. davere says:

    I have a friend who works at TM. We get into arguments about the business sometimes.

    But anyway, the facility charge can be $0 up to however much the facility owners wishes to charge per ticket. I believe that TM keeps a few cents for each dollar of the facility charge.

  21. se7a7n7 says:


  22. joemono says:


    Of course, Ticketmaster lets you print out your own ticket online now..

    … and then they charge you for using your own printer, ink, and paper.

  23. lowlight69 says:

    i stopped going to concerts long ago because i got so feed up with TM. i’ve missed some of my favorite bands because i refuse to submit myself to all the fees of TM. NIN is coming to seattle in july and if it is a TM gig then i will miss them. :(

    i’d rather save the money on fees, which is too bad because i really enjoy concerts.

  24. KogeLiz says:

    Arent most of these fees not related to ticketmaster?

  25. razremytuxbuddy says:

    Kudos to Garth Brooks for keeping ticket charges under control. Ticketmaster charged me “only” $32.50 for a $25 ticket last October.

  26. ? graffiksguru says:

    Can’t really fault them for the parking though, thats the Verizon music center.

  27. WNW says:

    Why is parking mandatory? Can’t you park somewhere else and take the bus or walk? What about bicycles? Or people getting dropped off? I think the parking fee is the worst part of the whole thing. Terrible gouging.

  28. kelrod says:


    i stopped going to concerts long ago because i got so feed up with TM.

    Best typo ever.

  29. trujunglist says:

    Wow, that is fucking insane. Fuck TM and fuck mainstream music and the musicians that play that bullshit. The only way to get TM to stop is to either boycott TM artists’ shows or get a campaign together to get the artist to boycott TM themselves.
    On another note, get into electronic music: I usually only pay $10-25 or so, even for the headliners like Andy C and DJ Hype (trance and house artists are similarly priced, if not cheaper due to those genres being slightly more acceptable to the average person). The biggest events cost about $75 total and have 15-20 of those $10-25 headliners.

  30. boobaloob says:

    @LiC: Most of the venues here in Chicago will only let you buy tickets from their box office on the day of the show. If the band is really popular, chances are that the show will be sold out before the day of the show. So essentially you’re forced to use TM or take the chance that the show will sell out before you are able to buy one. It seems that most people are willing to pay the TM fees, but it’s not as if there’s a real choice in the matter, except, of course, not going to the show.

  31. stre says:

    if i had the computer savvy to whip up a competing site, i’d do it in a heartbeat. make it print-your-ticket-only to save on capital costs, charge a smaller fee or arrange for kickbacks from the facility/organizer. build the system as light as possible and watch the people flee ticketmaster for the salvation of TicketSensei. just have to figure out what to do about those damned brokers who pay cheap overseas labor to type in verification letters/numbers and suck up all the tickets…

  32. Orv says:

    @LiC: That’s a nice way of saying the facility charge is a kickback to the venue for using Ticketmaster. Other sites, like Brown Bag Tickets, have run into resistance from venues because they don’t play that game, and expect the venue to build their profit into the ticket price.

  33. sobebelushi says:

    If they just charged $36 per ticket straight up, and they showed no fee’s, would you still pay that much to see 3 Doors Down?

    I like 3DD, I’m just saying if we couldn’t see the fee’s, and it was the same price…would you still go?

  34. NathanLV says:

    First off, I agree that TicketMaster is the Devil. In the internet age I can get practically everything cheaper EXCEPT concert tickets due simply to the greed of TicketMaster. If Fandango can sell me “print your own” movie tickets for $1 (+cost of movie ticket, of course) then there’s no reason for TicketMaster to charge me $10 per ticket for the same “convenience”.

    That said, the convenience charge is only part of the gouging. Facility fees and the like I blame on the artists. It’s dishonest to to advertise your show as costing $20 and then tack on “facility fees” to cover the cost of renting the facility. Those costs should be included in the price of the ticket. You don’t go to a grocery store, buy a gallon of milk for $1.50, and then get nailed for a $1 “milking charge” and a $1 “bottling charge”. Why do concert organizers, cell phone companies, and so many other industries think this sort of pricing tactic is an acceptable business practice?

    The sad part is, it’s killing music. Traditionally, most musicians don’t make most of their income from record sales (due to the asshattery of the RIAA, but that’s another rant). They get paid for performing. But between overpriced tickets and scalpers, going to live shows is just becoming a less and less worthwhile thing to do. Why blow $50 to see a band for a couple hours (which is about the average price of a standing room only ticket here in Las Vegas) when you could spend that same $50 on a video game that will entertain you for 10 to 15 hours, or even go to a theater and see five movies?

  35. nevergod says:

    duh? i stopped using ticketmaster years ago.

  36. carterbeauford says:

    lmao @ someone admitting to buying Three Doors Down tickets.

  37. uberbucket says:

    Only bands I see are in bars and other venues that have nothing to do with Ticketmaster and everything to do with entertaining their patrons.

  38. rewinditback says:

    ticketmaster needs to take those fees three doors down… and by three doors down i mean “go out of business permanently”.

  39. DataRaider says:

    I’m not taking TM’s side in this, but they are not charging a 168% markup in fees. The only fees TM is charging is the 5.85 per ticket convenience fee and the 5.15 order processing fee, which comes to 22.70 (only 58%). The 6.00 per ticket facility fee and 25.00 parking fee, which comes to 43.00 (110%), is Verizon’s doing, not TM’s.

  40. Zephyr7 says:

    The convenience charge is the best! We’ll make you do all the work, we’ll fire some people at the call center, and then we’ll make you pay extra. How clever are we!?!

  41. ViperBorg says:

    @cde: Still cheaper then what they are charging.

  42. sleepydumbdude says:

    I went to an event where you could buy a ticket in advance for a show for 7 bucks and at the door for 12. I bought it in advance… for 18 bucks after all their charges. Went with a friend who bought theirs for 12. Never will use ticketmaster again.

  43. KingPsyz says:

    At the house of blues in Las Vegas they exclusivly use TM embedded in their own site and the greatest part is you get hit with the facility fees and convienence fees online or at the door.

    These shows are all hosted in house so the facility charge is horseshit.

    But when I got hit with the Convienence charge for walking up to the window I asked straight up “What’s convienent about me having to drive down to Mandalay Bay on the strip in the middle of the day to buy a ticker?”

    As you can imagine that brought back blank stares…

  44. evslin says:

    I was gonna get tickets to see Rush this summer.. but after a $75 ticket became a $100 ticket I think I’m gonna have to pass. Shitty venue in downtown KC anyway, last time I was there I thought I was gonna get mugged.

  45. FilthyHarry says:

    As far as going straight to the facility to skip TM, a lot of places are contracted through TM and either DON’T sell tickets at the door, or the tickets at the door are still through TM, and you get hit with the fees anyway.

    When I hear music industry execs complain about p2p stealing of their music, I just laugh and laugh. Turn about is fair play.

  46. seashell1 says:

    I just bought Pearl Jam tickets through TM. I am so upset that Pearl Jam sold themselves out and is selling tickets with TM. I paid $42.00 for 2 lawn seats yet my total price was 119.95. Almost a full ticket price in fees. Over nine dollars each ticket for “convenience charge” plus $5.15 processing fee. WTF is that.

  47. eeebee says:

    I went with a group of 8 women to Chicago to see Jersey Boys on Wednesday. I live 2.5 hours south of Chicago and between us, we saved almost $800 on our tickets by sending one of us up to Chicago to buy them from the box office. Seriously, online the tickets were $137.50 and at the box office they were $40.

  48. camman68 says:

    @TechnoDestructo: The tickets weren’t for him. Did you read the article?

  49. Shizznid says:

    Three Doors Down? Yikes…

  50. uricmu says:

    I hate TM so much, and especially the term “convenience charge” which means: we screw you for booking your nonrefundable tickets in advance.

    However, there is usually an option to not buy parking, and also, convenience charge has nothing to do with the outlets/internet/phone/etc. it has to do with buying tickets through TM. Often, you will get it charged from the box office as well.

  51. uricmu says:

    @elephantattack: Same thing at your ticketmaster outlet. The convenience charge is for the convenience of ticket master serving you no matter what avenue you use to buy tickets.

  52. cockeyed says:

    Well, I’ve used TM’s services only once since high school, and each time it was my parents paying so I never really noticed. The tickets we got just last spring were Stevie Nicks, so of course it was more costly. Here’s how you can bypass paying TM fees… DON’T GOTO THE SHITTY SHOWS THEY PUT ON. I see all my shows at houses or bars, only paying a cover fee (and sometimes giving some cash directly to the band). Yeah, it’s that easy.
    There ARE exceptions, though, like Stevie Nicks or Springsteen.

  53. nybiker says:

    I’m with everyone that’s been saying, ‘hey, don’t go to the shows at all.’ It pained me to buy tickets to Jersey Boys for my mom’s birthday (we treated her & 2 of her friends, so we paid for 3 tickets). The fees from TM reconfirmed my opinion of them (and yes, they are Satan’s twin).

    Since I am old enough to remember the days of standing on line for tickets to Jethro Tull at Madison Square Garden (here in NYC), I long for those days. But since it doesn’t happen any more, I am content to listen to my music on my CDs. Besides, I also cut off my nose to spite my face by avoiding as much as I can patronizing companies that decide to pay ‘naming rights’ for theaters (and college bowl games, golf matches, stadiums, et al). So, I don’t care who was playing, since it has the vzw name, I wouldn’t have gone.

  54. deserthiker says:

    the stupidest is that these fees have to be spelled out in the first place. If they just charged X.XX amount for a ticket than maybe you’d quit whining.

    Before you are charged the TOTAL price is shown and you can either accept or reject it. If you can’t afford it then don’t buy it. And since you probably got your favorite band’s on torrents they’ve got to make $$$ somehow to support their rock star lifestyles.

  55. PSUMarkDC says:

    While it’s not Ticketmaster, I drove 15 miles and stood in line for almost 90 minutes to get tickets to several concerts my girlfriend and I will be going to over the summer (Wolf Trap Center for the Performing Arts outside DC). I think the online ticketing is run by tickets.com or something similar – $3.75/ticket “convenience fee” for a $10 lawn ticket.

    Anyway, the folks from tickets.com were there taking a tour of the facility since it was the first day of ticket sales for the season – they walked the entire length of the line not too long after I got there and I got the feeling they weren’t too happy with the number of people who decided to get their ticket the old-fashioned way. It was the look on their faces alone that kept me in line (well, that and the desire to save almost $30 in fees) while others bugged out early or called friends/family to ask them to order tickets from home.

  56. wdworld17nb says:

    Sunday night 3 Doors Down is playing a free show here in San Antonio for the Final Four, suck it ticketmaster!

  57. mac-phisto says:

    the problem is much deeper than fees. i’m not a pearl jam fan, but if you read a bit about their boycott, you learn a lot about the system.

    as a venue, your option is to either use ticketmaster to handle your box office needs, contract a different service (seriously, is there even another one out there?), or do everything in-house yourself. the high cost of creating a functional ticket outlet that can be accessed by thousands of people in an hour via phone, web, or in person usually forces venue administrators to sign exclusivity agreements w/ TM.

    as an artist, refusing to do business with ticketmaster shuts you out of virtually every venue with more than a few hundred seats. even worse, as an artist, you lose complete control of the price of your product.

    & somehow, a congressional investigation a few year back determined ticketmaster wasn’t a monopoly. *shakes head*

  58. char says:

    Remember when perl Jam decided to say “Fuck you ticket master” and only use venues not controlled, or at least heavily influenced by Ticket master?

    Remember when they couldn’t even finish a full tour because the venues were so out of the way/shitty?

    That sucked.

  59. I recently paid 31.55 for 1 18.50 ticket from ticketmaster.
    Details at link. God I hate ticketbastard.

  60. lemur says:

    @NathanLV: You pretty much wrote the comment I wanted to write. Thanks for that!

  61. thrillwill says:

    I’m a little late to this party but what the hell… Does anyone know how much of the ACTUAL ticket price goes to the band? If it’s 100% (yes I too seriously doubt that) then maybe ticket master has a leg to stand on.

  62. mattbrown says:

    Yes, damn this free market. It’s called a ticket price. If you want to go to a concert, you pay it. The true issue is that the bands you’re seeing don’t care that they’re using venues that will rape you with extra fees. Find new music to listen to.

  63. mattbrown says:

    @mac-phisto: TicketWeb and Mr. Ticket are two alternatives to TicketMaster.

  64. yamahagrand says:

    I actually submitted this piece. I tried like hell to convince the nephew that he would be floored by the fees but he wanted them that bad. (I suspect TM knows most people are exactly the same way)

    These tickets were cheap at $13 but I think the fees should be either built in to the price or added in a manner that is proportional to the ticket price. I paid quite a bit to see my 8th Rush show at that venue so the fees represented a far smaller percentage of the total ticket price.

    Having said that, I agree that the facility charges are BS. Using those facilities is part of the cost of doing business. I also agree that this is likely a sweet deal for the venue for allowing TM the exclusive right to handle their ticketing. A little kick back that keeps all the crooks happy. Fortunately Live Nation is about to give TM some competition.

    Whoever asked about parking should know that this facility was built in the middle of corn fields several miles from the city. You don’t have the option of parking down the street or choosing a different parking facility.

  65. RapperMC says:

    @wdworld17nb: But wait until you see the convenience charge for them playing a free show. And the facility fee. Kicks that free show up to $22.50 + tax. I’d say you’re spending a cool 30 bucks on that one, all said and done.

  66. chrisbacke says:

    Suddenly, buying tickets from craigslist / scalpers / friend that can’t go sounds better… Never had a scalper try to charge me ‘convenience fee’…

    Here’s another idea – buy the ‘concert DVD’ a few months later.

  67. vastrightwing says:

    The problem is when you go shopping and fees are not disclosed: on eBay it’s hard to comparison shop because the shipping varies. Worse yet, book a hotel room and after you check out, discover all the extra fees, like a “safe fee”, a “conservation fee”, a “convention fee”, local city tax, state tax, federal tax, airport development tax. How about renting a car? The list goes on. I avoid going to concerts because I feel so ripped of by TM. I only wish everyone felt the same and stopped going to TM sponsored events.

  68. shufflemoomin says:

    Ticketmaster are indeed a spawn of hell. I’m from the UK and on a recent trip to the US bought a Rangers ticket. I paid ticketbastard over $20 in fees for a $50 ticket. The killer for me was that they offered to ship the ticket for free. Obviously I’m outside the US so I had to use Willcall. They charged me $2.50 for the ‘privilage’ of having to drag my ass down to the Garden to pick it up. What’s that fee for? Posting to an address they’ll do for free but printing one up at the box office and making me go there to get it costs me $2.50? I hope someone can bring this company down one day. Mr Burns’ quote from the Simpsons says it all: ‘You laughed when I bought Ticketmaster. No one’s going to pay a 100% service charge…’. Well, turns out we have little choice.

  69. I too say FUCK TicketMaster, I now go out of my way to contact the venue to buy tickets ahead of time through them and pick it up will call or ahead of time when they have office hours. All the ticket outlets do this now though, I was down in Miami for Ultra last weekend where my 2 day tickets went from $130 to $180 after various fees/charges.

  70. boxoffboy says:

    Note this is a LiveNation venue. They are infamous for charging high fees and may even get worse when they stop using Ticketmaster. Fee breakdown:
    Convenience Fee – Ticketmaster’s fee, but actually the venue gets a piece of this a lot of the time
    Facility Fee – Charged by the venue, Ticketmaster gets no cut.
    Processing Fee – Another Ticketmaster charge, but if tickets are sent to will call, the venue gets the fee
    Parking – Venue gets the fee (this one is a very common practice at LiveNation amphitheatres)

  71. yamahagrand says:


    So we have a case of collusion between TM and LiveNation. I don’t really like either one of them but I will say that MAYBE when LiveNation gets their ticketing on-line there could be some division between the two and possibly a quasi-truce between them before event goers decide to collectively stop going.

    All I know is that I have been to hundreds of shows in my life and only in the last handful of years have the fees gotten this far out of control.

  72. deserthiker says:

    I really miss the days of sitting outside the venue box office for days in order to buy tickets and having some scalper pay a bunch of drug addicts to wait in line to get the best seats. Or even worse, having to wait at some department store for a clerk who couldn’t work the machine or getting behind some idiot who couldn’t make up his mind on whether to pass up these tickets and try again as if the next tickets will closer.

    Look, I hate these stupid fees, too, but it’s better than it used to be.

  73. DrJimmy says:

    FWIW, there are a few outfits trying to compete with TicketBastard and LiveNaziNation at the club level. My brother treated me to an excellent Bob Mould show at Antone’s in Austin two weeks ago. The various “charges” amounted to less than 8% of the face price on the ticket.

    The vendor? FrontGate Tickets.

  74. raskolnik says:

    I was ecstatic when my club of choice for concerts (9:30 Club in DC) switched to tickets.com for all their stuff instead of ticketmaster. There are fees, yes, but it’s nothing compared to ticketmaster.

  75. mariospants says:

    This is precisely why I haven’t gone to a concert in years. Scratch that – I’ve been to plenty of free concerts or ones that required a cheap door charge.

  76. JustaConsumer says:

    Is Ticket Disaster on the list of worst companies. They are the nastiest company there is.

  77. odhen says:

    Almost all of bands I listen to are independent, and have small tours in small venues that don’t use Ticketmaster. I usually pay at the door. (I live in a small enough city that shows rarely sell out, but it’s big enough that we get great shows quite often)

    The only extra fee I’ve paid in the last few years was last month when I bought They Might Be Giants tickets through etix.com. I think the fee was less than $2 for a $20 ticket, and I knew that was pure profit for etix, but they have to make money somehow, and $2 is certainly resonable, in my opinion (It would have cost me the same in gas to drive to the venue and back to buy 2 tickets, anyway).

  78. internal says:

    The parking is TOTALLY OPTIONAL.

    Yes, TM sucks, thet why I go the venue to buy the tickets.

  79. @camman68: Of course not! Then my comment would be intelligent and insightful!

  80. @WNW: True. What about carpools? When they charge per person attending, they make more money than charging per car that’s parked. Genius.

  81. @deserthiker: Well, when the concert is held at a venue in a not-so-great neighborhood, it’s not really safe to be camped out all night waiting for tickets.

    I suppose TM thinks the “convenience charge” is for the convenience of not getting jacked outside the venue.

  82. As someone who has put together many small concerts at venues, we typically add facility charges into the price of the ticket. Tacking it onto the back end of the ticket price is just poor form.

  83. @lemur: I think it’s a conspiracy by the RIAA to keep screwing the artist and keep lining their own pockets. They lock the artists into shitty contracts, blame their poverty on piracy, then cripple their only way to make a decent living. Genius.

  84. wdworld17nb says:

    @RapperMC: Nope they are setting up a stage in one of the downtown parks near the alamodome, no venue equals no ticket!

  85. yamahagrand says:


    Parking IS optional at that venue but there is no other option except to bring a cab from town. The place is literally in the middle of farm fields and is accessed by County roads. You cannot park “down the street” and walk. You pay what they want or you pay that much twice for a cab to make two trips. Yes, the venue probably gets most of that but that doesn’t make it right. I can get better parking on race day at the Indy 500 for less than that.

    Parking at the venue used to be reasonable but then they got this bright idea… “Hey, we’re the only game in town so let’s stick it to ’em!”

  86. annab says:

    I’m missing out on two shows I was really excited about this summer due to Ticketmaster and Live nation shenanigans. As for the people who suggest you go down to the venue to avoid fees, that used to be a great idea.

    I took a couple hours off work one Monday morning in February to drive to the venue and get Tom Petty tickets when they went on sale and found signs posted all around the box office that the same fees would be charged as online. Utter bullshit. Not only that, but tickets had actually gone on sale early the day before online. (Sometimes between when presale ended and official sales began.)

    And it’s worth noting that with most venues, driving and parking is the only option aside from taking a cab (which is more expensive than the $6 parking charge.) The amphitheatres are purposefully put out in the middle of nowhere where they won’t disturb the neighbors.

    In short, yeah you can skip out on the show all together to “stick it to the man” and not pay their outrageous fees, but what if you love live music and hate to miss the show? Having principles sucks.

  87. rjhiggins says:

    @trujunglist: Yeah, but some of us want to hear real musicians, who can actually plan an instrument and/or sing, not just manipulate a bunch of knobs.

  88. rjhiggins says:

    Ticketmaster is the worst, but it’s only part of the problem. The promoters are tacking on the facility fees, the forced parking fees, etc. That way they can make the ticket prices seem reasonable up front. (Of course, that’s exactly what happens with cell phone service, cable TV, etc., today — fees on top of fees.)

    Unfortunately people appear to be willing to bend over and take it.

  89. Greeper says:

    Has anyone seen 3Doors Down’s AWESOME US Army recruiting video? That you are forced to watch beofre movies (at Regal Cinemas at least). I almmost choked thr 1st time I saw it. It reminded me of the Simpsons episode where Bart was in a boyband and did a US Army recruiting video where he sang subliminal messages. A little off-topic, but it is 3doorsdown.

  90. kylere says:

    My wife and I both attended a ton of concerts, but we refuse to do so until they become priced at reasonable rate again.

    Venues, Managers, and TicketMaster/LiveNation need to face the reality that smart people will stop attending and they will need more security to deal with the morons who would drop 100plus bucks each on ANY concert ticket that does not involve a resurrected John Lennon. Or even at less than 100 considering the venue. Just last summer we wanted to see Tom Petty but to sit 300 feet away on the side of a hill in the rain at 74.50 each is not ever going to happen.

  91. Looking up parking information at the Live Nation May Day 08 page reveals an important detail: premier parking is optional. He’s paying $25 to park in the premier lot.

    It’s only 104% in mandatory fees when purchasing online. If he hadn’t fucked up parking, they’d only have been about $1.50/person short. His nephew should fire him.

    (On the upside, he saved $1.95 by going with Ticketmaster instead of buying direct from Live Nation. See? Not so bad after all!)

  92. MrEvil says:

    If you want to put an end to this bullshit, then stop going to concerts people. Your heart will continue to beat even if you NEVER get to see your favorite band perform live. If enough of the ticket buying public realized this then TM would go out of business and most musicians would probably tell TM to go take a hike.

  93. yamahagrand says:

    @Michael Belisle:

    That may be the case but if regular parking was included in the ticket price we did not see it as an option or stated on the order page. The only parking option given was what they called premier parking. If this is the case then it would have been nice if they had properly indicated that parking is included. I suspect they make it a bit confusing for a reason.

    So yes, I may have fucked up as you call it. Having only a 104% markup would have made me feel much better.

  94. jtheletter says:

    @MrEvil: How’s that working out so far?
    Seriously, people have been screaming mad at TM fees for years and yet the fees continue to increase and no other competitors have emerged. Obviously a “casual boycott” hasn’t worked and organizing a more formal one a) has probably already been tried, and b) will likely be totally ineffective as there’s always a greater sucker who loves their band enough to pay.
    I’m being a bit fatalistic but let’s face it, if the fees were so high as to cause general outrage, a blowback would have happened by now, so another angle of attack is needed.
    So if there’s too many people willing to pay the fees, then what is “Plan B”? What recourse are the rest of us left with to either force TM to change its fee structure or prop up a new and more reasonable competitor?

  95. Ex_EA_Slave says:

    If you were unhappy with the premiere parking, why the hell did you buy it? I’ve been to Deer Creek, I mean Verizon Wireless Music Center or whatever the corporate shill name is these days, several times. The premiere parking is right up front and makes it much easier to get out. That’s what the extra money is for.

  96. jeff303 says:

    @stre: If anyone tries to do this they will be beaten up by TM at every step. They are already the dominant player and probably have too many deals worked out to be supplanted. They will bully you and try to litigate (think patent infringement), and if that fails they’ll attempt to buy you out.

  97. alfundo says:


    I know I’d be happier dealing with the upfront amount. Why is TM charging for parking anyway? What if I wanted to ride my bike? Don’t advertise a $13 ticket when it’s not going to cost $13. I don’t buy a hamburger for a dollar only to be charge a facility fee, a parking fee, a ketchup fee or a disposal fee even tho they all add to the cost of a hamburger.

  98. @yamahagrand: I don’t really blame you; mostly I was just being facetious. It was confusing at Ticketmaster where it said “parking is charged when tickets are purchased” in one place and “excludes additional fees for parking” in another place.

    I figured it out by going to the Live Nation page, where it said “parking fee included” and lists a $6/ticket “parking fee” instead of the $6/ticket “facility fee”. Then I noticed that there was a “Premier” lot. So on the upside, you got a nice parking spot.

  99. UlaElephino says:

    Comment on Ticketmaster Charges 168?0Of 3 Doors Down Ticket Price In Fees You do realize the $25 for parking is completely optional. You picked
    Premier Parking which costs extra. If you didn’t pick that you could have
    saved $25 and just park in the normal lot like regular people.

  100. SadhanImber says:

    Comment on Ticketmaster Charges 168?0Of 3 Doors Down Ticket Price In Fees Ticketmaster just bought Ticketsnow.com, the second largest reseller of
    tickets in the country (behind StubHub). They hold back tickets from the
    initail onsale that they try to market through Ticketsnow.com at “resale”

    It’s an anti-trust suit waiting to happen…