Contact Info For Westin Casuarina In Las Vegas

If you were one of the conventioneers who got charged extra fees by the Westin Casuarina, we suggest you talk to your credit card company or contact The Coaching Center (according to the Houston Chronicle, the company’s president is refunding the charges directly to those affected). If you need contact info for management at the hotel, however, an anonymous tipster sent in a list of phone numbers and email addresses.

“I’ve seen your recent posts about the Westin Casuarina in Las Vegas and they are SPOT ON!” anonymous writes. He used to work there and does not have warm feelings for the management. He adds, “the property has several times barely escaped Starwood removing their name and flag (The Westin flag is the holy grail of Starwood properties).”

I hope this list of names and contact info is helpful…
Main Property Number – 702-836-5900
Executive Office Fax Number – 702-836-5991
*Note – all email accounts are first initial and last name (John Doe =
Sig Ortloff – Hotel GM – o. 702-836-5930
David Smith – Casino GM – o. 702-836-5959
Sharron Salinas – Hotel GM Assistant – o. 702-836-5987
Luann Trimarchi – Casino GM Assistnant – o. 702-836-5992
Christoph Hoeflich – Asst. Hotel GM – o.702-836- 5965 – c. 513-373-9056
Asst. Casino GM – o. 702-836-5933
Stacy Houston – Director of Guest Services (Front Office Manager) – o. 702-836-5945
Hope they help!

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(Photo: Starwood Hotels and Getty)


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  1. CaptainSemantics says:

    I love the progression with the picture. If the issue ever gets resolved, can we have some kind of deus ex machina happening at the top of the graphic?

  2. Chris Walters says:

    @CaptainSemantics: Good idea. If any more bad stuff comes in about the place, I’m going to start running out of room.

  3. laserjobs says:

    Everyone coming to Vegas can just stay at my place if they bring the beer and a tent

  4. ViperBorg says:

    @laserjobs: Sounds good.

  5. Serpephone says:

    I have stayed at the Westin in Las Vegas.

    It is nasty, dirty, damp, and dark. The employees are rude.

    The ONLY reason why I stayed there is because I (used to) trust the Westin name.

    Starwood needs to remove their name from that horrible place!

  6. mmcnary says:

    I think I’ll post a link to this story over on Travelocity in the comments section of this hotel…

  7. Wdeal says:

    I would be livid if a hotel did this to me. Yes, I read the comments in the original post, and we don’t have all the fine print, but this just stinks of a fraudulent action.

    One point of off-topic disagreement with the anonymous tipster — I would say that St Regis or “W” are the “holy grail” brands at Starwood.