Comcast Is Worse Than The New Jersey DMV

Here’s sad news– Comcast has worse customer service than the New Jersey DMV.

Over at the Trusted Adviser blog there was a bit of a customer service showdown going on between the DMV and the cable company… and well, see if you can guess which operation “Judy” is dealing with:

Judy called XYZ about a common transaction. “Sure,” they said, “here’s what you need to bring, and we’ll take care of you.”

She gets there: “What? Who told you that! You need to go back home and bring the other thing.”

She returns. “You can’t do this, your ex-husband’s name is on the records. We need a copy of the twelve-year old divorce decree, plus his signature on a form. We don’t have that form, but we’ll fax it to you.”

Days later. “Who told you we could fax that to you? We can only mail it.”

More days. “We need to confirm your social security number.” She gives it to them. “Sorry, we can’t match it; we don’t have records of your social security number.” “Then what were you going to match it to?!” Judy asks. We have entered Kafka-land some time ago.

At last, Judy leaves with the desired outcome. It turns out to be wrong.

On returning yet again, it’s, “well, who in the hell gave you that? It’s obviously wrong. Hey lady stop screaming–no need to take out your personal problems on us!”

OK, that was–drumroll–the Cable Company! Comcast of West Orange, Essex County, New Jersey.

And that means–yes, people, believe it or not–the raging success story is the New Jersey DMV. Lately renamed the Motor Vehicle Commission.

Tell us: How can a private company get away with having worse customer service than the most notoriously unpleasant government office ever…?

Customer Service Showdown: The Cable Company vs the DMV
[Trusted Adviser] (Thanks, Ian!)

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