Westin Casuarina Update: Hotel Also Forces You To Sleep With Strange Men

Randy saw our post earlier today about the Westin Casuarina in Las Vegas and wanted to share his own experience with them. In honor of the Casuarina’s increasingly sketchy reputation, we will add lightning to their photo. Please provide your own spooky thunder sound effects.
Randy begins,

After seeing the story about the Westin in Las Vegas charging for unpaid convention fees, I thought I would share my experience with the hotel from last weekend.

An organization I am involved with had a 1 day meeting at the Westin Casuarina on Saturday, March 29th. I flew in on the 28th and went to check in to the hotel around 4 or 5 o’clock that afternoon. According the the person who planned the event, everyone was going to be sharing a room with someone else from the organization. However, when I checked into my room I found a single king size bed. I assumed that i was the lucky man out who got his own room and headed out on the town. When I got back to my room around midnight, I found that the guy I should have been sharing a two bed room with had arrived. He already complained to no success because the hotel was full. He then asked for a roll away bed but they were out of those. Tired from my flight and a good times on the down I decided not to argue with it that night and pulled up come comforter and pillows and hit the floor.
The next morning I talked to the person who set up the event and he verified that we in fact should have had a double room. So, I talked to the front desk and asked for a manager. The lady at the desk said she could help me so I explained my dissatisfaction with the fact that I had to sleep on the floor. She apologized and explained that the hotel was full and they had some problems with some guests staying longer than expected and a lot of people requesting the roll away beds. She then said since they were full all they could really offer me for my night on the floor was to extend my checkout for later in the day. A lot of good this did me since I was going to the meeting for the rest of the day and then leaving to stay with a friend who lived in Vegas. I continued to argue with her but didn’t get anywhere.
I guess between my bad experience and the experience The Coaching Center had with the Westin, it’s not only a bad place to hold a conference, but a bad place to stay all together.

We’ve seen that plot before, but only in certain types of DVDs (ahem). It doesn’t sound quite as fun in real life when you’re trapped in a distant city for a convention.
“Vegas Hotel Charges Attendees For Unpaid Convention Fees”
(Photo: Starwood Hotels)

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