MySpace To Launch DRM-Free Music Store

MySpace is starting a DRM-free music store, says the NYT.

Exact terms of the deal and details about the new site, like prices for downloaded music tracks, were not disclosed. But MySpace did say the site would offer songs free of digital rights management software or D.R.M., which is used to prevent illicit copying but can create technical hurdles for buyers. The songs would be playable on any portable music device, including Apple’s iPod.

The store will also feature ring tones, tickets, T-shirts, and all that other stuff the kids like.

MySpace and Record Companies Create Music Site [NYT]


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  1. freshyill says:

    Bands and comedians are about the only thing left on MySpace. My late-20s peer group seems to have abandoned it entirely, in favor of FaceBook.

  2. TechnoDestructo says:

    It will also have utterly broken, unusable search features.

  3. econobiker says:

    Something about ticket ordering too… Maybe they can help break the ticktmaster / scalper circle too by auctioning off venue seating…