Getting Money Back From Bankrupt Airlines: Credit Card May Have Trip Insurance Built-In

Here’s yet another way to get your money back if you find the airline you’ve booked tickets with should suddenly cease to operate: trip insurance may be one of the default benefits on your credit card. If you booked with a credit card, call up the company and ask. For instance, Citi PremierPass Elite MasterCard comes with Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance for free. Reader Jhayme says they are refunding ATA Airlines passengers who purchased their ticket in full on the card up to $1500. The number to call to submit a claim is 1-800-950-5118, and there is a claim form that should be submitted American Express has a similar program called Travel Delay Protection, that will reimburse passengers if they cannot be rebooked on a new flight within a certain time period. I believe this costs $9.95 per trip. With two airlines going bankrupt, it may be a good idea for people to look into these programs.” Those credit cards may be evil, but for big ticket items, their buyer protections can come in handy sometimes.

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  1. TPK says:

    That’s interesting, I wonder if these cards cover other types of trip interruption as well, such as a cruise? Does it only cover default of the carrier?

    Anybody know more details?

  2. AlphaWolf says:

    I tried to get an answer from American Express regarding my Gold card. Does it have this protection automatically or not? Good luck.

    Annoyingly the rep never told me anything useful and tried the entire time to upgrade me to a Platinum business card, which I neither asked for or wanted.