Radio Shack Won't Accept Cash Without Your Home Address

Reader Tim went to Radio Shack to buy something or other and the manager refused to process his cash transaction without first learning his home address. Tim left the store and dashed off a quick email to us. He let us know he was going to contact Radio Shack about the incident, but felt certain that he’d be ignored.

He wasn’t. Within about an hour Tim was writing us to say he had $20 in gift certificates from Radio Shack.

Here’s Tim’s first letter:

Just left Radio Shack store in Jackson Mississippi located on Hwy 18.

Sales Associate took my name and telephone number prior to ringing up about sixty dollars worth of small parts. Refused to finalize cash transaction without my home address! I left the store as he was returning the stock to the shelves.

I have attempted to make Radio Shack aware of this incident as well as my contacting your site. Perhaps their sales are so good in these trying times that they are not interested in doing business with folks who aren’t
interested in giving them such information?

Seems highly unlikely, but the whole incident was witnessed by a fellow I assume to be the manager, but I’ve no way to confirm that. In any event, I will report to you any communications I receive from Radio Shack in regards to this incident. At this time I am limited to going through a form on their website. Why do I feel that will be ignored?



Wow. I emailed Radio Shack (thru an online form) and then I called their 800 number to report the treatment I had been given earlier in the day. I got thru directly to the Area Coordinator and he apologized profusely and offered me $20 in Radio Shack gift certificates. Turned out their local corporate office is right down the street from my house, so I went right over and picked up the gift certificates. That’s a pretty fast response to a complaint wouldn’t you say?

Turns out the guy who was abusing me is the freaking store manager! I don’t think he’s in for a pleasant evening.



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