Personal Finance Roundup

8 last-minute ways to save for vacation [Yahoo] “Here are some fast-track ways to save for your big trip.”

The Year of Magical Budgeting [New York Times] “Financial counselors often tell their clients to prepare monthly budgets rather than yearly ones. But a paper recently published in The Journal of Consumer Research turns that advice on its head.”

Home improvement on the cheap [CNN Money] “How to get top-shelf looks without spending top dollar on popular home-improvement projects.”

How to Catch the Eye Of an Executive Recruiter [Wall Street Journal] “If you want to get the ear of a recruiter, mass mailing your resume isn’t the right approach. Instead, build relationships with recruiters while you’re still employed.”

Five Ways to Save Gas Money [Kiplinger] “Here are five ways to score solid savings when you pull into the service station.”

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