Kanye West has apparently started a travel website. Yeah, seriously. We just can’t wait until we get our first Kanye West-related complaint. [AdAge via BuzzFeed]


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  1. Kanye West doesn’t care about carry on baggage.

  2. durkzilla says:

    My wife’s cousin tried to get her to buy into one of these things – sounded kinda scammy to me.

  3. Fidel on the Roof says:

    Looks spammy. I’m not giving him my money anyway.

  4. cde says:

    Kanye West doesn’t care about black people…

  5. rg says:

    I hope it comes with an ebonics translator!

  6. mechugena says:

    Kanye West doesn’t care about “The Consumerist”

  7. Bill Brasky says:

    Maybe he got upset that “Jesus Walks”…

    Thank you, I’m here all week…Tip the veal, try your waitress.

  8. woot says:

    This I could understand if there were, say, select packages to select destinations that he had a team put together. But no. This is simply embedding one of those crappy, no-name, add-travel-to-your-site generic providers whose customer service will no-doubt suck. I can’t understand why he’d want to expose his brand to that. Maybe he’s not very smart or one of his idiot advisers did this without his knowledge.

  9. Solly says:

    “Maybe he’s not very smart…” didn’t he already prove this?

  10. unklegwar says:

    Holy cow, that site just looks so slapped together! Will anyone be dumb enough to actually book through it?