Dear Microsoft, Please Send This Man A Shipping Box

<!–con_emptybox.jpg–> He just wants to send his Xbox in for repair, and you keep losing his request. He swears he’s not a “crazy blogger,” but despite that, we still want to help him. So please? You’ve got all his phone numbers and contact info now. Can you send a box?

Dear Xbox,

On Easter Sunday of all days my xbox elite died. (I wish it would rise from the dead) It would power on but never boot. No red ring stuff? just nothing. The green light in the middle turns for about 5 minutes then turns off. This is my second one, my first died 1 month before they announced the 3 year red ring warranty.

All I’m asking is for a little help to get a repair shipping box. I’ve called every few days for the past week and every time I call there’s a issue and they have to recreate the order. I just want a shipping box. I not mad or a some crazy blogger (just sad) about this I just know overseas support is broken and I just need a little local help. I do have admit now I worried that if/when they get xbox to the repair depot it if I will ever see it again.

The worst part is I convinced all my friends four of them fresh out of school and poor to buy Vegas 2. (one friend just had his first child and the other just married I cant get them to buy anything, but I got them to buy this game so we can all “Jump in”) I had to find the hard way that easter night when they were all playing together that I can’t “Jump In” anymore.

Thank you



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  1. VG10 says:

    I’m having the same problem right now as well. I called 3 weeks ago, no box showed up. I called last week, so far no box. I just want me xbox repaired!

  2. unklegwar says:

    I guess playing XBox too much makes you incapable of writing coherently.

  3. Adam Hyland says:

    that’s funny, I bought a book that had a broken spine from Amazon. I was halfway through writing the report to get a box sent to me when I realized that I could just glue it. I went off to glue it and when I came back amazon had taken my half finished request and decided to send me a box. :)

  4. outinthedark says:

    They started to stop sending out the boxes a while ago [at least they said they would be because so many were being sent out]. Ask for the shipping label to be e-mail to you. You should get it in 24-48 hours.

    Use your own box. Take it to any UPS store and they should print out the sticker, slap it on the box, and you should be good to go.

  5. mac-phisto says:

    david – try calling late at nite. the last few times i’ve called after 10:00pm (eastern) & i end up with u.s. support. maybe i’m just lucky, but it’s worth a shot.

    good luck. i’m on #3 which is currently experiencing red ring & the drive won’t open. both issues are resolved by continually hitting the power button & disc eject button repeatedly (like a few dozen times). i’d send it in, but i’m currently working on my m249 – then i’ll be a true animal mother.

  6. trujunglist says:

    is it really that hard to find a box? i understand the shipping label may be kind of a hassle to deal with, but really, give me a few minutes and i can probably find you several for free.

  7. mikepark says:

    Goodness, I hope they don’t do this to me. I just ordered the repair box last night and they’ve already charged the $100 repair fee to my credit card. Hopefully this guy doesn’t get charged with each new request.

  8. ConsumerAdvocacy1010 says:

    @mikepark: If’s it the red rings of death, they shouldn’t charge you a dime. Just make sure of that.

  9. BadBoyNDSU says:

    I ordered mine last Thursday March 27th, and got it yesterday, on Tuesday April 1st. No problems (So Far), and the Indian guy “Mike” was relatively easy to understand. So, as far as I know, they are still sending out boxes /w pre-paid shipping labels. 3 RROD, 2nd XBOX 360 to die, yada yada…

  10. Techguy1138 says:

    This is not covered under the extended warranty.

    He has no red rings so he will need to pay if it’s outside the 1year(90 day?) warranty on non-red ring failures.

  11. mikepark says:

    @ConsumerAdvocacy1010: Unfortunately, mine doesn’t have the red ring. I tried holding out for a few weeks to see if it would happen, instead I just get no video at all. And my Xbox is a few months out of the regular 1 year warranty. Sucks, I know. I have never wanted the red ring of death more than ever.

    Almost tempted to buy a PS3 with the upcoming tax rebate thingy.

  12. Blinker says:

    You can get a free box at the post office. Just ask for a priority mail shipping box

  13. VG10 says:

    just to update, i got my box in the mail today. xbox is being sent out tomorrow and I hope to have it back within a month.

  14. Doug says:

    FYI – if you tell the CSR you have a 3 RROD “sometimes”, you can get your faulty-but-not-very-cooperative unit replaced on warranty as well even if it refuses to go 3 RROD reliably. Just write on a piece of paper that it red-rings 1 in 5 times and include it with the unit being shipped back.

    And you can’t send back a generic box using your own label, the ship label they send you has a ton of reference information on it including where to return the unit.

    (I’ve sent mine in 5 times now so I’m getting to be an expert.)

  15. Crrusher says:

    just tell them u have RROD so u can get the box

  16. guspaz says:

    I had a Play & Charge kit cable spontaneously catch fire while in use on February 6th. Since then, I’ve talked to umpteen people at Microsoft, spent hours on the phone, and:

    – Received shipment of a shipping box
    – Shipped the xbox, burnt cable, and controller
    – Received back a “new” (refurbished) xbox, along with the same burnt cable and controller
    – Was told I needed to send the cable/controller AGAIN, received shipment of… an xbox shipping box
    – Called and told them that the controller and cable are a wee bit smaller than an xbox, the box is too big. Was told to pad it with newspaper
    – Mailed off the controller about a week ago
    – Frebruary 6th -> April 2nd, still don’t have a replacement cable.

    You’d think that when their product spontaneously burst into flame (albeit a tiny flame), they’d be a bit more prompt with replacing the dangerously defective merchandise. You’d think wrong!

  17. bocablaze says:

    I’m no fan of Microsoft, but since when did it become the duty of manufacturers and retailers to provide shipping boxes for customers? I think sometimes we expect way too much. Don’t be helpless and lazy. Get your own box. How hard is it?

  18. hatrack says:

    I don’t know if it’s their “duty” to supply a shipping box but it seems to be their policy. So I guess there’s nothing wrong with expecting to get one. I would assume that it also contains the packing material to protect the contents from damage. I could be wrong about that though.