Dear Microsoft, Please Send This Man A Shipping Box

<!–con_emptybox.jpg–> He just wants to send his Xbox in for repair, and you keep losing his request. He swears he’s not a “crazy blogger,” but despite that, we still want to help him. So please? You’ve got all his phone numbers and contact info now. Can you send a box?

Dear Xbox,

On Easter Sunday of all days my xbox elite died. (I wish it would rise from the dead) It would power on but never boot. No red ring stuff? just nothing. The green light in the middle turns for about 5 minutes then turns off. This is my second one, my first died 1 month before they announced the 3 year red ring warranty.

All I’m asking is for a little help to get a repair shipping box. I’ve called every few days for the past week and every time I call there’s a issue and they have to recreate the order. I just want a shipping box. I not mad or a some crazy blogger (just sad) about this I just know overseas support is broken and I just need a little local help. I do have admit now I worried that if/when they get xbox to the repair depot it if I will ever see it again.

The worst part is I convinced all my friends four of them fresh out of school and poor to buy Vegas 2. (one friend just had his first child and the other just married I cant get them to buy anything, but I got them to buy this game so we can all “Jump in”) I had to find the hard way that easter night when they were all playing together that I can’t “Jump In” anymore.

Thank you


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