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  • A reader wonders if there a way to legally “bump up” their income to meet the minimum required to receive money from the upcoming stimulus package. What about income from E-bay?
  • A Honda CR-V owner makes a costly discovery. The engine in her vehicle needs frequent valve inspections while the engine in the manual does not. A large repair bill ensues. Is Honda at fault?
  • A reader’s fiance gets treated like the bride of Frankenstein at David’s Bridal. Is this sort of treatment commonplace with the chain?
  • Sears doesn’t seem serious about their posted price matching policy. Reader claims that Sears offers a discount if an item’s price is mismarked. Yet when put to task the cashiers simply throw their hands up.


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  1. snazz says:

    would the couple looking to bump up their income then be taxed on that extra income, thus cancelling out any stimulus they would receive?

  2. valarmorghulis says:

    @snazz: nope, they still come in under the current amount for general deduction i believe. (not a tax profesional)

  3. Falconfire says:

    wow that honda one is nasty. I hope she sticks it to them good.

  4. sean77 says:

    that honda one isn’t nearly that bad. It says right in the manual that you should take the car into the dealer every 30,000 miles for service.

    Just because they didn’t *itemize* what would be checked during the 30k service inspection in the manual doesn’t give you grounds for a lawsuit.

    FYI, during the 30k service they also check the following:
    all fluid levels, brakes, battery terminals, drive boots, suspension, steering, fuel lines, exhaust, spark plugs, valves, hoses and belts

  5. e-gadgetjunkie says:

    Yes, that’s typical service for David’s Bridal. I found a great dress there, but wouldn’t dare buy it because of the total lack of customer service.

  6. sean77 says:

    addendum: honda could be at fault if they did neglect to check the valve clearance at the 60k service. Checking it is indeed on their point inspection for 30k service.

  7. Snakeophelia says:

    Wow, those David’s Bridal stories are ugly. There’s one near me, but (a) I didn’t buy my dress there, and (b) when I went in there to buy my headpiece and veil, I knew exactly what I wanted and pretty much bulldozed my way past the clueless salesladies.

    No wonder brides lose their mind before the wedding…

  8. David’s Bridal refused to sell me shoes for my wedding because I didn’t buy my dress there.

    So I called the shoe manufacturer directly, which only sells that style through David’s, and they sold me two pairs for the price of one to make up for it. Take that, jerks!

  9. marsneedsrabbits says:

    The customer service at David’s ranges between insulting and non-existent.

    We ended up very frustrated with the rude staff and left without buying the dress I had decided on; there was no way I was giving them a dime.

    I ended up getting a similar dress that I actually liked a little better at Dillard’s for less money. The staff at Dillard’s was beyond polite and helpful. I was so impressed with how they treated us.

    Since then, I have warned at least 3 friends away from David’s, so at least I can be happy knowing I’ve cost them a chunk of change.

  10. Falconfire says:

    Another nice thing Davids does is sell your name away, even if you dont buy anything at their store.

    My fiance looked for her dress at Davids, but then went and bought the dress from the actual designer who had already discontinued it. We still get calls from people who got our name through Davids.