H&R Block Sends You A Refund Check For $5,666.10, Even Though You Haven't Filed Your Taxes

H&R Block is an extremely generous company! They’ve sent you a $5,666.10 refund check and you didn’t even file your taxes with them! Isn’t that nice?

From the Seacost Online:

A Woodbridge Road man received a check for $5,666.10 from H&R Block on March 18, but hadn’t even filed his taxes with the company, according to a police report.
where to turn

If you suspect your personal information has been stolen, contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service, which helps taxpayers clear up problems with tax returns and other documents.

Upon contacting H&R Block, he discovered that the filing had been done online, and the check was sent to a bank in Utah. However, the bank wouldn’t deposit the check because the name on it didn’t match the name on the account.

H&R Block in turn sent the check to the physical address it had for the taxpayer — which is how the local man discovered someone submitting taxes on his behalf.

“They did the taxes for him,” said Sgt. Martin Doherty, speaking of identity thieves. “They wanted H&R Block to forward the check to them.”

If your personal information has been stolen and you suspect the scammers of filing your income taxes for you, you can contact the Taxpayer Advocate in your state.

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