Best Buy Provides Excellent Customer Service!

You don’t become the number one retailer of electronics to American consumers without getting a few things right awesome, as Daniel shows us in this letter of compliment he sent The Conglomerist about a recent experience at Best Buy:

I stopped in the other night because my old HD DVD player died so I went in hoping to get a deal. On the shelf I found 2 open box Toshiba HD-A30 HD DVD players. Looking around I found the department head Derrik and we went back over to the DVD player aisle.

He tells me that since they’re open box he’ll sell one for $99 which, IMO, isn’t bad it was $30 off their normal price and $20 off Amazon’s price…

So I bit. He headed off to find the remote and power cable, but he came back empty empty handed and expected me not to be interested. I told him I’d still buy one if he could go any lower since I had plenty of power cables and I’ve had a Logitech Harmony remote. So he took it down to $50.

Still missing an HDMI cable he was quick to recommend me one, but I told him no thanks and I’d just grab one off, which he said he was well aware of since he read about them on Consumerist.

I know Best Buy gets a pretty bad rap around here, but I’ve always had good experiences with my local store. So I just wanted to pass this along.



That’s great to hear, Daniel! I hope you also bought the extended warranty to show your appreciation to the Derrik. The one part where you fall down is the HDMI cable. I’m going to go out on a limb and figure that Derrik probably recommended you buy a Monster Cable. Shame on you for buying one of those cheap knockoff cables on There’s two reasons why Monster Cables are awesome for your home theater system:

1) The ends are covered in gold. Gold makes everything better. You should see what it does for bricks.
2) The price. The higher an item’s price, the higher its quality.

Irregardless of your blunder, congrats on your successful purchase and the excellent customer service provided by the Best Buy associate who, by giving you the discount, might just as well have cut out his heart and given it to you on a golden platter. Don’t be alarmed by the macabre imagery, BBY employees undergo special training that allows them to regrow their hearts overnight. That’s how they’re able to care so much.

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