5 Helpful Grocery Shopping Tips From The Conglomerist

Here are 5 helpful grocery shopping tips from your friends at the Conglomerist!

5) Lists are overrated and so are budgets. Oh yeah, and make sure you go shopping when you’re hungry! Bring your kids and let them choose what you will eat for the next week. It’s not like you don’t like Doritos, right?

4) Always buy the value pack. If you see a box that’s bigger, that means it’s always cheaper to buy that one. Make sure not to check the unit pricing because everyone knows that’s totally boring and a huge waste of time.

3) Shop on the inside aisles. Don’t buy a bunch of fruits and veggies and fresh meat. That stuff will just rot really quickly. Instead, buy all your meals pre-made. Come to think of it, why are you even going to the grocery store anyway? If its not available at a gas station, you don’t really need it.

2) DO NOT USE VINEGAR FOR ANYTHING! Buy expensive cleaners. Vinegar is so overrated. It makes you smell like pickles and your husband will leave you.

1) Always, always, always buy things from the middle shelf. Those companies paid good money to be placed there and that means they make better products.


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