Sprint Twiddles Thumbs While 12-Year Customers Get Scammed For $2,500

Someone hacked this couple’s Sprint account, and bought four new phones on it, leaving these 12-year customers to pay over $2,500. Every time they called Sprint, the fraud department said not to worry and that the charges would be off the bill next month, but the disconnect notices kept arriving until Sprint shut off their phone. Only after a local consumer reporter got involved was the problem solved. When asked why it took so long, Sprint said, “it takes a while to complete a thorough investigation.” If you’re a legacy Nextel customer now with Sprint, you may want to ask about getting a PIN set up on your account. The account seemed to have been targeted (the fraud department said probably by someone inside Sprint) because it was an old Nextel account that didn’t have a PIN.

Sprint charges customer $2,500 [Journal Inquirer] (Thanks to Brian!)

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