Costco Recalls 10,368 Pounds Of Listeria-Contaminated Chicken

Costco is issuing a voluntary recall for 10,368 pounds of Discover Cuisine frozen chicken entrees under suspicion that the chicken may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, which can cause headaches, neck stiffness, and, uh, spontaneous abortions.

From Costco’s recall:

Four-pack of 12-ounce packages of “Discover Cuisine ™ Red Curry Chicken & Jasmine Rice.” Each package bears the Canadian establishment number “Est. 302” inside the Canadian Food Inspection Agency mark of inspection as well as a “Best By” date of “12 18 08.” The item number “2880” also appears by the UPC code on the package.

No illnesses have been reported yet, and according to a leading listeria litigation lawfirm (now I know what to do with my law degree!), those with weakened immune systems are most susceptible to infection. Costco has a phone number for people seeking more information: (800) 774-2678.

Washington Firm Recalls Frozen Chicken Entrées For Possible Listeria Contamination [U.S. Recall News] (Thanks to Ashley!)
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  1. snazz says:

    did anyone else read this intially as ‘listerine’ infected chicken?
    i was really confused for a few moments…

  2. mduser says:

    Oh no, Costco has to recall a product, the world is now going to end!

  3. nutrigm says:


  4. Underpants Gnome says:

    Et tu Costco?

  5. axiomatic says:

    I aborted something about 15 minutes ago…

    -difficulty…. I’m a man.

  6. ChuckECheese says:

    @snazz: I can’t stand the taste of Listerine–I sure wouldn’t want it in my chicken.

  7. LikeYourFace says:

    @axiomatic: Wow. Can we get a ban up in here?

  8. ChuckECheese says:

    And this is the dreaded Canadian Listeria, aka listeriosis winnipegensa. It’s three times worse than german measles, delhi belly, and american syphilis put together!

  9. BalknChain says:

    Wonder what kind of SPC’s that processor had in place during that production run? Terrible..

  10. Parting says:

    @LikeYourFace: Why? It’s dangerous only if your immune system is completely shot, so unless right out of hospital with no immune system, there is no danger to a common person. Plus, it will affect you, only if poorly cooked. So grill your chicken throughly, and you won’t feel a thing.

    Every year, there is dozens of cases of e-coli in USA linked to fast foods, like McDonald. And no one banned the chicken. (E-coli is much more dangerous! Basically destroys your internal organs).

    So eat your chicken in peace, or just go vegetarian :) (though not foolproof, either)

  11. lonewolf333 says:

    I’m not giving it up!

    + Watch video

  12. deadhouseplants says:

    @LikeYourFace: Yes, can we get a ban “up in here.” I say we ban you first for your slaughtering of the English language. English should be learned in classrooms, not by watching BET.

    You have a choice in laughing at someone’s attempt at humor. You can laugh or be appalled. Calling for censorship shows me and everyone else your inferiority and stupidity. Now, get off the Internet, and go burn those children’s books YOU deem inappropriate for young eyes.

  13. Parting says:

    @lonewolf333: The video is no longer availble :P

  14. lonewolf333 says:

    @chouchou:I don’t think the comment board is working right.

  15. ninabi says:

    Listeria is a common problem with cooked deli meats. Processors argued for not labeling chicken, turkey,etc. with warning labels to heat lunch meat completely.

    Cook lunch meat? Are you crazy?

    If you have a compromised immune system or are pregnant, yes, it’s a good idea that was intended to be kept hidden.

  16. azgirl says:

    I think I ate that stuff a few weeks ago. Haven’t been right since then. But no one else noticed.

  17. FilthyHarry says:

    Whats the big deal? 10,368 pounds of chicken from Costco is probably a sale to one person.

  18. mcjake says:

    That explains the headache, stiff neck and spontaneous abortion I’ve had all afternoon!

  19. Chairman-Meow says:

    Look at the bright side: At least Listeria does not cause uncontrolled rectal bleeding and oily discharge like some of those medications they show on TV!

  20. Balisong says:

    @LikeYourFace: Pah, I LOLed. Lighten up ;p

  21. ChuckECheese says:

    @Front_Towards_Enemy: That’s not medication, that’s Doritos made with Olestra.