This Sprint Plan Lets You Talk For 1.9 Years Per Month. What?

BG’s Sprint plan lets him talk for 1,000,499 minutes per month and only costs $50. How did he find this stupefyingly amazing plan? Hit the jump for his story.

My two years on my initial Sprint contract was up in January of this year, so I worked through Retention and got them to agree to a plan I was happy with. This included free incoming calls (like I had on my old contract), 300 more minutes of other calls than I had before, and free text messaging. I got them to commit to the same price I was paying before – $50/month.

Naturally, because this is Sprint, my January, February and March bills have all been issued with enough errors to this custom-built plan that I have had to call Billing to get things squared away on each one. Surprisingly, they’ve been easy to deal with and have processed the fixes for me without any trouble at all.

So, I’ve grown to expect Sprint to screw up my bill a little bit. A *little* bit. I’m not sure a teenage girl in Prom season could use up all these minutes I was mysteriously granted…

$50 is a reasonable price for 1,000,499 minutes, but you can probably get a better deal by hopping down to the million minute per month plan.

(Photo: bg_poker)

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