This Sprint Plan Lets You Talk For 1.9 Years Per Month. What?

BG’s Sprint plan lets him talk for 1,000,499 minutes per month and only costs $50. How did he find this stupefyingly amazing plan? Hit the jump for his story.

My two years on my initial Sprint contract was up in January of this year, so I worked through Retention and got them to agree to a plan I was happy with. This included free incoming calls (like I had on my old contract), 300 more minutes of other calls than I had before, and free text messaging. I got them to commit to the same price I was paying before – $50/month.

Naturally, because this is Sprint, my January, February and March bills have all been issued with enough errors to this custom-built plan that I have had to call Billing to get things squared away on each one. Surprisingly, they’ve been easy to deal with and have processed the fixes for me without any trouble at all.

So, I’ve grown to expect Sprint to screw up my bill a little bit. A *little* bit. I’m not sure a teenage girl in Prom season could use up all these minutes I was mysteriously granted…

$50 is a reasonable price for 1,000,499 minutes, but you can probably get a better deal by hopping down to the million minute per month plan.

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  1. snoop-blog says:

    Holy crap that is awesome! I wouldn’t have told anyone about this.

  2. dlynch says:

    that’s a decent plan. do you get unlimited texting and unlimited data with it as well?

  3. IphtashuFitz says:

    I’ll give you $10 for 100,000 of those minutes!

  4. BG says:

    Heh… Yeah, I get unlimited text, but no data. I’m not a big data user anyway.

    The plan I negotiated was Free Incoming 500 (a Nextel plan they gave me on the Sprint network) with 300 additional minutes, plus the unlimited text messaging, plus nights and weekends starting at 7PM for $50. I also got $100 service credit that was in addition to the web discount for acquiring my new phone (so they essentially gave me the LG Rumor @ $250 with the $150 web discount and the $100 service credit – if I’m remember the price tag correctly). Basically, they gave me my “old” plan, plus 300 minutes, plus text messaging at the same price I had it before.

    I had to negotiate with about four different agents (including my company’s corporate account rep, who denied me) until I found someone in retention willing to give me what I wanted. Glad I was persistent.

    On top of all this, I also get to apply my 15% corporate discount to the $50 price tag, plus I get $.12/minute back from my company for the minutes I use for business. On this bill, my total was $48, less $26 as a business expense.

    $22/mo out of my pocket hits me in my sweet spot…

  5. tedyc03 says:

    That’s a little less than two years of minutes…I think you’re getting ripped off if you’re paying for more than 44,640 minutes a month!

  6. thesabre says:

    Did the OP sign a new two-year deal with Sprint? Perhaps that’s the total number of minutes for the entire contract. The heading says “Total Plan Minutes” not “Monthly Allotted Minutes”.

  7. Jetfire says:

    Finally! A cell phone plan suitable for time travelers.

  8. azntg says:

    @Jetfire: Classic! That cracked me up!

  9. crackblind says:

    But do your unused minutes rollover each month?

  10. tvmitch says:

    Sprint did the same thing to me recently…my Mobile-to-Home (myFaves-type deal) minutes now read 1,999,998 rather than “unlimited.”

  11. BG says:

    @thesabre: No, that couldn’t be it. That would mean that every minute possible between now and 1.9 years from now is under my plan. I only get 800 min a month.

  12. PlanetExpressdelivery says:

    If you have unlimited nights and weekends, Sprint uses this system in order to prevent the possibility of running out of minutes on nights and weekends. If there are more minutes on your plan than actual minutes on a weekend (which are supposed to be unlimited), it would be impossible for you to “run out” of minutes.

    I had the same thing happen to me before, and it’s simply how Sprint ensures that unlimited really means unlimited.

  13. Ghede says:

    If those are roll-over, he can expect to see a horrifyingly wide bill in a few years.

  14. evslin says:

    @Ghede: Or maybe a bill written in scientific notation. That’ll be worth a chuckle or three.

  15. mattbrown says:

    I’d start my own mvno on a family plan.

  16. deepsprint says:

    The Ensemble billing platform (a well managed system when Nextel ran it) Sprint got when they bought Nextel has a lot of problems and this anomaly on the customer’s bill is just another example of that. Whoever has been managing this system since they brought it over from Nextel has not been doing a very good job because there are things in it that simply does not work causing problems for customers. The above error is harmless (except for the fact that it’s giving the customer a lot of free minutes) but many of the problems in Ensemble are not harmless.

    For example: there’s a button you can push to change a setting to block data on a line for customers complaining of data charges who don’t want data on their phone. It doesn’t work. We’ve known that for awhile and it’s not fixed and they forgot to tell the 1000’s of offshore CSRs continuing to use it causing more pissed off customers every month when they have to call again with more data charges that should have been blocked. Ensemble is loaded with discount codes that don’t work that have been used for months leading to a few million customers having been promised discounts they never got.

    This is the kind of stuff that has been driving away customers and is a direct result of the mismanaged acquisition and integration of Nextel.

  17. tk427 says:

    My 17 year old could use them all.

  18. juniper says:

    I just get two identical bills (in every way), stuffed into their respective envelopes upside down. Every month.

  19. Pro-Pain says:

    The Sprint bashing has got to stop. It’s burned out already. All cellular providers suck. Sprint is no worse than Verizon or AT&T. I have Sprint, the service is great, if not exceptional here, and I have unlimited EVERYTHING for $75 a month with taxes included. Customer service is better than you’d think or has been reported here also.

  20. dustboo says:

    @juniper: glad i’m not the only one! i’m afraid to call sprint & let them know they’re sending me two completely identical bills every month, however, because I know it could only get worse. [like, canceling my account completely…]

  21. dustboo says:

    @Pro-Pain: the ONLY reason I stay with Sprint is because of SERO. In my experience, customer service has been WORSE than what has been reported on Consumerist. I’ve never dealt with a company that has treated me like Sprint has. If not for SERO, I’d leave for AT&T in a heartbeat.

  22. youbastid says:

    @dustboo: Same here. Customer service is abysmal, even the local reps. It’s allegedly getting better, but I haven’t seen it. Sprint is a “just pray it works, and everything will be fine” kind of company.

  23. sporks says:

    And here I was thinking it was weird my brother was using something like 11,700 mobile to mobile minutes a month. (He and his girlfriend had been falling asleep while on the phone with each other and their calls were still connected.)

  24. smackswell says:

    I’m myself have been trying to bail on Sprint the last several months, based on not receiving notice about the changes to my contract back in January. I called them to change my address in November when I moved; they never corrected the address so I never got my notice. Is there any way I can fight this?

    I just spent 2 hours of my life with Sprint reps a couple days ago. Got the ID info on the CSR who was supposed to tranfer me to the voicemail of a “Deb Gillard,” who was supposed to be his supe. Jerk ended up hanging up on me instead of transferring me. Jeremy (JE311751)

    Anyone have ideas?

  25. jamesreb says:

    There’s a woman you’ll need to talk to in order to get out of Sprint. It’s called the Executive and Regulatory Affairs department. One name, an “Andrea Young” may help you. She’s based out of either the Dallas location or the Overland Park, Kansas World Headquarters Campus.

    My brother just got out of a messy 1 1/2 year relationship with them. Lies, lies, lies, and more lies from them. They said, after we asked before activating the extra lines, that if our sister would be fine in Kentucky to get service. The rep said yes and we added a fourth line.

    The moral of this story is that Sprint doesn’t back what their reps say and they’ll bend you over the counter faster than a dirty old man on Cialis.

    By the way, even in their own hometown of Kansas City we have horrible reception. I do get a signal in the basement but when I’m on I-670 driving right by The Sprint Center in downtown KCMO, I lose my signal.

    Thanks Sprint!

  26. ennTOXX says:

    No WiMax? Just die already Sprint. Your cell phones suck anyway… :||

  27. JustaConsumer says:

    Someone still has Sprint? Therein lies the problem.

  28. topeka says:

    Sprint is firing call center directors, managers, quality control people, trainers, HR, bad customer service agents. Two million customers are expected to leave by summer. Many employees will also be forced out. Sprint still has severe customer service, network, IT, billing problems. Bad customer service and still holding on to some of the worst employees from top to bottom.

  29. ShockTerminal says:

    I don’t get it, I’ve been w/ Sprint for over 9 years and love them. I turned down a free iPhone because I didn’t want to leave. I get %20 off do to a screw up I caught them on.

    Sure the make mistakes, quite a bit. But you call them and say, “Hey, this is screwy” and they say “Hey, your right, that’s screwy, let me fix that.” To me that is good customer service. Sure making less mistakes would be good, but I never have to fight w/ them, they just fix it.

    I’ve had a bad customer service person like 3 maybe 4 times ever and then I just hung up and called back, got a differant person and had it fixed.

    I love Sprint

  30. SweetBearCub says:

    Like a few other posters here, I have to say that I am quite satisfied with my Sprint service.

    In 2/07, I opened a new line (My first with Sprint) on the SERO plan. I liked the Treo 700wx, and have never known that a mere phone could be so powerful. I cost me 288.99 (I think) and then $30/mo plus tax.

    Well, about a week after I got the phone, I decided that I hated the thumb-board, so I called *2 and spoke with Retentions. They readily agreed to swap it in a local store for a PPC-6700, as long as I paid the $40 difference, for a larger screen and keyboard.

    I went to the local store, got the 6700, and went home happy. About 2 days later, I discovered that they didn’t transfer all the data from the Treo to the 6700. I had asked about this beforehand, since I had entered a fair amount of data into the Treo. I was assured that the two phones ran the same OS and that all the data (not just contact #s) would be transferred over. So I went back to the local store. They apologized, pulled my Treo out of the back room, and transferred every scrap of missing data.

    When I left the store, I called Sprint’s *2 line back and spoke to technical support, letting them know that I had all my data and to close the ticket. Before the tech did so, he apologized and asked me if there was anything he could do to make up for their error. Being a new customer that was quite satisfied with his SERO plan, I wasn’t sure if there was anything they could do, I told him. He chuckled and said “How about I add FIMF (First Incoming Minute Free), 6pm Nights & Weekends, and a 15% MRC discount to your account? Would you call that fair compensation?”

    I was slightly stunned. “Sure.. But what’s the catch?” “No catch, other than the fact that these discounts I’m adding will expire at the end of your 2 year contract.” “You’re not extending my contract, are you?” “Nope. Ok, I’ve added the discounts for you. You should see them in your next bill or two. Have a great day!”

    True to his word, it went without a hitch. A few months later they added Unlimited Text Messages for new SERO account signups. Curious, I called in and asked about it, since I hadn’t signed up that long ago. Within 2 minutes, I had the option added to my account.

    Earlier this year, I had my eye on the new Mogul, to replace my slightly aged 6700. Since I wasn’t yet eligible for my 2 year upgrade credit, I bought on off of eBay, after verifying that the ESN was clean. It cost me $290, including S/H, and was in great condition. It was a great price at the time, and it didn’t screw with my upgrade eligibility or contract end date.

    When I was calling to add it, I also was able to add Total Equipment Protection on it with no problems.

    So far, my bill has been a steady $37.45 per month, including all fees and taxes, and I’m extremely pleased with the service that I’ve gotten from Sprint.

  31. West Coast Secessionist says:

    @sporks: awwwwwww.

    Wow, I actually remember doing that when I was 17.