Suburban Chicago-based Sears Holding has named John W. Froman as president of tools and lawn operations. This makes Mr. Froman the “Tool and Lawn King of Chicago.” [BusinessWeek]


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  1. That’s the joke that writes itself!

  2. missdona says:

    But it’s not Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago.

  3. llcooljabe says:

    @missdona: beat me by 30 secons…

  4. Crazytree says:

  5. He’s called Ferris Bueller, but he’ll always be Abe Froman to me! Good parody.

  6. Chongo says:

    There is a new cafe somewhere off of division and western called “Fromans”.

  7. hwyengr says:

    I’ll never forget a couple of years back when, while with the Cubs, Randall Simon hit one of the Brewers’ Sausage Race mascots with a bat. To make up to the fans for it, he promised to buy sausages for any section that a home-run ball of his landed in. When it finally happened, Chip Caray made the call “Abe Froman might be the Sausage King of Chicago, but Randall Simon is now the Sausage King of Milwaukee”

  8. bhall03 says:

    Long lost Froman brother finally returns to windy city!

  9. Like people, Sears became less cool when moved from downtown Chicago to a suburb.