Toys "R" Us Carries Lower Back Tattoo Stickers Perfect For Your Trampy Kid

Got a trampy little kid that isn’t quite ready to get inked? No problem. Toys “R” Us has lower-back tattoo stickers for little miss thing.

We like how they’re right next to the Hannah Montana and Minnie Mouse stickers.

IN ODDER NEWS: Lower Back Tattoo Stickers FINALLY Available For Kids At Toys ‘R Us
[Best Week Ever]
Lower Back Tattoos Now Available at Toys R Us []


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  1. ccockerill says:

    I might need to stop by TRU sometime soon and pick some of these up for myself…

  2. don’t know about you all, but i think “tramp stamps” are hot!!

  3. t0fu says:

    it’s a temp tramp stamp

  4. rdldr1 says:

    It goes well with the kiddy thong and little miss pole dance kit.

  5. velvetjones says:

    scamp tramp stamp?

  6. valarmorghulis says:

    @t0fu: that would be fine if they only wind up being tamps temporarily too.

  7. Superawesomerad says:

    God, tramp stamps are so 2004. Only the lamest kids will be sporting these things.

  8. lr0405 says:

    I’m shocked they aren’t Hannah Montana branded.

  9. MightyCow says:

    How many moms these days have tramp stamps? Why would they care if their daughter got one too?

  10. forgottenpassword says:

    tramp stamps for toddlers!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

  11. bingo-ok says:

    Credit where credit is due. These photos were taken by Rob of

  12. Custom Reality says:

    Kids have been dressing like “gangsters” and sluts since the early 2000s, why would TRU miss out on making some change on it all? I’m more worried about fourteen year-olds out on dates dressed like Britney Spears after going bat-shit insane than I would a cheesy fake tattoo.

  13. ideagirl says:

    where I live those are called trailer park license plates

  14. andrewe says:

    What’s next? Edible underwear in the junior miss section at Sears?

  15. scarletvirtue says:

    @forgottenpassword: Do they go with the Huggies Thong diapers advertised on “Saturday Night Live” a few years ago?

  16. these so pedophiles can see who’s loose and who’s not ?

    I need to go take a rape shower just thinking about what I said.

  17. clocker says:

    @andrewe: Yuppers.
    Followed by “My First Mugshot” specials in the Photography dept.

  18. spinachdip says:

    @Custom Reality: Weird, I haven’t seen too many kids walking around in pin-striped suits and fedoras.

  19. Fidel on the Roof says:

    I don’t know if these are owned by TRU… usually these machines are owned by independent corpulent people.

    Half of that stuff has lead. I wouldn’t let any child I know put that crap on their back.

  20. Lazlo Nibble says:

    Well, on the other end of the spectrum, when I was back home in New Mexico recently I saw a gumball machine with about a dozen different little figurines of Catholic icons, including at least four or five saints (Francis of Assisi, Augustine [IIRC], et al.) John Paul II, two BVMs (standard and Guadalupe models) and a couple of takes on the Big Guy himself.

    Of all the times to not have a roll of quarters at hand…

  21. OsiUmenyiora says:

    Do they have one that looks like a coaster so I have a place to rest my drink?

  22. OsiUmenyiora says:

    @LazloNibble: Just the other day I saw a Day-glo Cross vending machine in Manhattan. For 75 cents you get a plastic container that has inside it a flourescent colored cross (of the Christian worshipping kind). Weird stuff.

  23. gqcarrick says:

    They have these out at walmart near me also.

  24. RandomHookup says:

    “My kid’s hotter than your kid, my kid’s hotter than yours….”

  25. faust1200 says:

    @Johnny.Shitbox: I prefer the radiation steel brush scrubdown featured in the film “Silkwood.”

  26. peggyhill says:

    do they have these at Hot Topic yet? so totally 2003.


  27. NDub says:

    Well, somebody just made R. Kellys day.

  28. skipjack says:

    I bet good money that the machine is located in an area where a good percentage of women have these same type of tattoo’s. A “butt cap” or “tramp stamp” is quite common, and for little girls asking questions of their mothers, it provides an avenue to explain past mistakes. least that is the hope and I’m sure that i am horribly wrong…but i hope not.

  29. nlatimer says:

    Jeez, a Tijuana license plate before they’re even old enough to drive.

  30. Jetts says:

    @bingo-ok: Wow, I had to click through 3 links to get to Rob’s site. The article should link to [] instead of the content stealing, no credit giving Best Week Ever blog.

  31. rmz says:

    @Jetts: Oh, I like that guy. He’s the one that did the investigation into all of those “work from home” signs, right?

  32. Grandjester says:

    Wrong X Infinity = This shit

  33. unklegwar says:

    They should package these with that bimbo game from the other day.

    Does Kids R Us sell Thongs in size 4T yet?

  34. Doofio says:

    Yeah, too many peircings means you’re a crack whore, pink shirts make you gay, if you wear glasses you’re a rapist, tank tops mean you’re “asking for it”, red hair makes you a communist and makeup means you hate Jesus. Minorities are all criminals!

    See, I can make irrational judgements without any real knowledge about people too!

    It’s just a god damned temporary tattoo, get over it. It’s people that cause ruckuses over mundane things like this that make society as shitty as it is today. Just because you saw some slut on Girls Gone Wild that happened to have a “tramp stamp” as some of you call it, doesn’t mean that applies to everyone. Most of us learned that in grade school.

  35. snoop-blog says:

    this is borderline rediculous. lets hope there aren’t parents out there willing to buy these for their daughters. the reason girls get these tattoos is for sex appeal, your little child does not need sex appeal.

  36. harshmellow says:

    These would go great with shorts that say JUICY or HONEY on the butt. Hot!

  37. humperdinck says:

    So this is what moral outrage feels like…

  38. corporatedrone says:

    Might as well be a bullseye.

    @Doofio: It’s not “some of us” that call it a tramp stamp, it is a commonly referenced phrase and it’s used for a reason. Would I be wrong to guess that perhaps you have one of these beauties and are getting a little defensive?

    Either way, while I happen to think it’s a disconcerting to see these in TRU, other temp tattoos have been around for a long time without much complaint, so I guess these aren’t that much worse. (Full disclosure: I have rocked many a sparkly temp tattoo with pride. Even after I was way past an acceptable age to do so)

  39. Mr_Burmie says:

    Ah, a tramp stamp: just like Mom’s.

  40. monkey1976 says:

    Screw you and frat boy terminology. Men get lower back tattoos as well as women and there’s nothing salacious about it. It’s language like this that perpetuates sexism. Stick to what you’re good at – yuppie complaining – and leave the value judgments and policing of female sexuality out of it.

  41. no segment of the population is discriminated against.. even the prostitots need some loving at the good ol’ Toys R US

  42. @valarmorghulis: ***PEDOPHILE ALERT***

  43. @monkey1976: ***HOMOSEXUAL ALERT***

  44. monkey1976 says:


  45. Michael A. B. says:

    The “female” lead character in the animated movie Cars had one of these too. I was just wondering how long it would take them to show up in toy stores.

  46. nyaz says:

    @monkey1976: I don’t know my tramp stamp is A.D.I.D.A.S.

  47. BugMeNot2 says:

    The point is, the lion’s share of females who get the lower back tatoos have sex with “their” tatoo artist. By contrast, most women’s tatoos commerate important life milestones whose psychological impact is already “tatooing” in the sense of changing their lives forever. (The death of a child is one true example that comes to mind.)

    Much more meaningful than the “I had sex with a tatoo artist” lower back ones.

  48. dee_w says:

    Superheroes, celebrity gossip and low cut jeans make most little girls want to be just as cool looking in low cut jeans as Angelina Jolie … and buy a tattoo alas ToysRus to prove it… Yet it makes me wonder how a little girl is to escape her judging self when compared with Angelina Jolies every which way she turns well after teenage life. Don’t worry… the weight loss diet pill cure will extend the madness just nicely.

  49. WV.Hillbilly says:

    “Tattoo on the lower back? Might as well be a bullseye.”

    Nothing says trash like a tattooed woman.