Are You Ready For The $35 Movie Ticket?

What recession? A group on investors think Americans are ready to pay $35 for a movie ticket, says Variety:

Village Roadshow Ltd., Act III, Lambert Entertainment and the Retirement Systems of Alabama pension fund have partnered to bring the luxury cinema circuit Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas to the U.S.

The partners will spend $200 million to build 50 theaters nationwide over the next five years, with the first two venues set to open in South Barrington, a suburb of Chicago, and the Seattle suburb of Redmond in October. Others are planned for Fairview, Texas, near Dallas-Fort Worth, and Scottsdale, Ariz.

Each complex will sport theaters featuring 40 reclining armchair seats with footrests, digital projection and the capability to screen 2-D and 3-D movies, as well as a lounge and bar serving cocktails and appetizers, a concierge service and valet parking.

But the circuit will especially push its culinary offerings — made-to-order meals like sushi and other theater-friendly foods from on-site chefs (a service button at each seat calls a waiter). Moviegoers will have to pay extra for any food they order, however.

South Barrington, IL? Really? Yeah, that town is full of rich people but did they get rich paying $35 for a movie ticket?

Would you pay that much to see a movie?

Filmgoers get a taste of the good life [Variety via BuzzFeed]


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  1. Illusio26 says:

    I used to live right near South Barrington, and it is full of rich people with a lot of money. Plus there is not a whole lot else to do around there. Even still, I can’t imagine people paying $35 for a movie ticket.

  2. socritic says:

    $35 for a movie is a long term projection on americas spending habits when it comes to treating yourself to luxury goods. i don’t think it’s a matter of would today, i think it’s a matter of really how much $35 will be in 5 years, and if by that time we will go back to our stupendous ways of spending. after all, treating yourself to overpriced luxury goods is a national pass time, and we judge each other by how much we spoil ourselves.

  3. 82300sd says:

    Rich people already have this setup in their house

  4. Buran says:

    Um nope. I already won’t pay full price, and have now stopped going entirely because the matinees now aren’t opening-3pm on weekends but just opening-noon. I’m not getting up that early on a weekend.

    I’ll just wait for the blu-ray, pay once at Amazon’s decent new-release rates, make my own food, pause where and when I want, watch as many times as I want, see subtitles, and have a much comfier place to sit.

  5. livefastjohnny says:

    Honestly, for the 1 movie a year I’d consider seeing, I’d possibly pay it. As long as they enforce the rules Mastodon introduced in the ATHF movie. Leave the seed outside.

  6. snclfe says:

    I live in L.A. When I go to the movies, after going to the trouble of finding a babysitter, I’m more that happy to pay the extra $4 ($14 instead of $10) at the Arclight to guarantee pristine picture and great sound. But the day I pay $35 to go to the movies it the day the crappy theater around the corner is charging $28. Does the $35 buy you all you can eat/drink? Or is that just for your seat?

  7. hypnotik_jello says:

    $35 to have two hours ruined by yapping idiots? No thanks.

  8. Imakeholesinu says:

    If they included my meal and made sure of the following…

    1) No kids.

    2) No cellphones.

    3) No speaking, or at least where I/others cannot hear/disrupt while they are engaging in whispered chitchat.

    4) No packing me in like a sardine.

    5) No late admissions once previews have begun.

    I would pay $35 to see a film.

    If that is where hollywood is going though, I might just invest in a 7.1 surround sound system and call it a day.

  9. billbillbillbill says:

    Thats what theater rooms in the basement are for, a nice couch or lazy boy, a fridge pretty close, and a couple of kids that you can yell to get you something to drink j/k

  10. iliveinyoureyelid says:

    When I lived in a Mexico a couple of years back, Cinepolis, a movie chain, always had VIP theatres that were exactly like this. And they cost 6 canadian dollars to enter.

    /Misses sushi and Heineken during movies
    //Would not pay 35 bucks plus beverages to do it again.

  11. foxbat2500 says:

    Don’t talk watch! Don’t like it walk out! Your money is now are money and we will spend it on drugs!

  12. @foxbat2500: all your base are belong to us

  13. trujunglist says:

    I don’t spend $35 on regular, non-fancy pants movie theaters. So, the answer, is HELL YEAH I’LL BE FIRST IN LINE

  14. dugn says:

    I live in Redmond. Between the Microsofties who want to see their action movies, the funded team events of MSFT and other high tech firms in the area – this’ll fly.

    Me? I stopped seeing concerts after they broke $90 a ticket. Doubtful I’ll see a movie for more than $15 anytime soon.

  15. scarletvirtue says:

    $35 for a movie? I already wince over paying $10 – $11 for a movie ticket. There’s no way that I’m going to pay $35!

  16. B Tex says:


  17. B Tex says:

    My wife is a realtor and I had opportunities to see some very nice homes from 1.5 million to the 400k range that have have superior home theaters with lounges, nice seating, etc . Can’t see this being success if it is being targeted to the upscale croud.

  18. eightfifteen says:

    On opportunity to see an Uwe Boll movie for $35? SIGN ME UP!!


  19. Concerned_Citizen says:

    A theater in Kansas City ([]) has what they call the VIP room, which is a more upscale viewing room with nice couch like seats each with a armrest table for your drinks and snacks all for only 13 dollars a movie. Besides the nicer seating, it has a full bar and alcohol is served. A normal ticket in a normal theater is 9 bucks, so you pay 4 dollars more to get better seating and access to a bar. Not sure how anyone could justify 35 dollars for similar treatment.

  20. zacwight says:

    Alamo Draft House


  21. smitty1123 says:

    @Imakeholesinu: Bingo. Plus I want to see any violators beaten by the on-staff, roided out freak bouncer.

  22. lesspopmorefizz says:

    Hell no. I am willing to wait for the damn DVD, which I will watch on the TV I got for free. Netflix forever!

  23. forgottenpassword says:

    I currently go to see a film at the movie theater maybe once a month, sometimes less. And I typically spend roughly $20 per visit (ticket cost + concession stand food). Because its so expensive…. i download most films I want to see. Only the ones I think I will REALLY like I will go to the theater to see (for the whole movie theater experience). But at $35…. I will stop going to the theater period & just download everything.

  24. Kevino says:

    This seems bound for failure. I wouldn’t watch a movie now even when I had free passes, not sure what they could do to earn 35 bucks a pop.

  25. vk2tds says:

    I go to Gold Class every now and then here in Sydney, Australia, and I love it. It is a really nice date… You get shown to your seats before the meeting, get to order your food and drink, and they are brought to your seats. Wine is on the menu, as is really nice food. There are trailers at the start of the movie, but no advertising.

    The personalized service is amazing. Being met at the door, shown to a table whilst waiting for the movie. Shown to your seat. It really does make a date special.

    Sure, $35 is not cheap, but it is worth it. It is a luxury date type venue. The major problem I have with Gold Class is that it is hard to hold hands or cuddle during the movie. I think that people will be surprised with how popular Gold Class will be.

  26. CuriousO says:

    @zacwight: Yeah that place is awesome!!! but you can agree that fancy does not describe the place….lol

  27. sled_dog says:

    The technology used must be significantly unique to make a ticket this costly.

    3-wall 3D presentation? Well worth the $35. Extremely high resolution, better than film? Ditto.

    If a medium popcorn now costs $5, imagine what they will charge for a plate of sushi!

  28. vk2tds says:

    I forgot to add… you can read more about the offering of Gold Class in Australia at []

    The prices there are in Australian Dollars, of which the current exchange rate is about 91 cents to US$1. The menu is there, and food is in addition to the price of the Cinema seats…

  29. PDX909 says:

    Fuck going to the cinema anymore…. I’m so sick and tired of those idiots kids yapping and playing with cell phones and doing anything but watch the movie that I said enough’s enough. I’d pay $35 if you could guarantee me a decent picture and sound experience, and quality food & beverage service. There are a few boutique cinemas that do this already but I’ve never tried them.

  30. durkzilla says:


    Go for it, but don’t wait up for me.

  31. jimconsumer says:

    No, I already don’t go to the movies now that it’s $10 ($20 after you get a couple of overpriced refreshments). I can buy the DVD, stay home and cook a steak for $20 – and invite all of my friends for no additional charge. If I could get into a movie for $5 I’d go back to the theater. Otherwise, forget it.

  32. Osi says:

    Umm no, here in Alaska, it’s $10 to see a movie, with popcorn and soda just as over-priced. No thank you.

  33. $35?! Ha! I won’t even pay the current $12.50.
    It’s around $13 here already. I’m just going to laugh harder as this means it’ll reach about $100 to go to the theaters with a $35 a ticket. The overpriced concession stand products and the gas to get there… man I really hope they are kidding themselves.
    This probably doesn’t matter to them though, as I haven’t been to the theaters in over a year.

    Oh, and after the $35, I bet they’ll strip search you first and then force you to watch the previews lol!

    I don’t like seeing people lose their investments. However, I’d enjoy watching this place crash and burn…
    They’ll probably have 50% discounts within a week to compete with other theaters… lol
    Still though, I doubt the business will hold up when people are more likely to buy their own home theater set-ups at that price… Oh man, I gotta stop laughing.

  34. DogTown says:

    Reference point…
    When I was a kid we could see an entire afternoon matinée of 3 full length movies from the balcony of a classic grand theater in the San Francisco Bay Area for only 35 cents with a giant bag of popcorn for 10 cents.

  35. Hawk07 says:

    At $35, I figured food and drinks would be complementary.

  36. MercuryPDX says:

    I have issues paying even $9 for a movie ticket. I don’t see many people paying more to see the movie today, than they would for the DVD released 3 months later…..

    …unless if seeing it in the theater is “now” worth $35, how much is it “now” going to be to own it on DVD?

  37. ghettoimp says:

    Just to put this in perspective: for the price of taking your date to this theater three time, you could buy the 3-DVDs-at-a-time Netflix subscription for the whole year. I’m guessing your cocktails will cost a lot less this way, too.

  38. MercuryPDX says:

    @iliveinyoureyelid: We have something similar called Cinetopia. They’re competitively priced with the local Regal Cinemas, offer all movies in HD, and and the “Living Room” theaters have waiter service (up to 10 minutes before it starts). They serve Beer, Wine, and restaurant quality food.

    I’ve never gone, but friends have said it’s the equivalent of flying First Class: Wide seats, more room, and once you go you never want to “fly coach” (Regal Cinemas) again.

  39. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    For $35, the movie better have a happy-ending!

  40. Mr. Chip says:

    Here’s what would get me back to the theater:

    1) No advertising in front of the movie. Quiet music that we could talk over. None of this COKE PRESENTS BEHIND THE SCENES OF FAST & FURIOUS 3 and Army recruitment videos. Just a quiet theater where my friends & I can visit before the film starts.

    2) Hire bouncers. Kick anyone with cell phones, iphones, pdas, game boys, laser pointers, talkers, seat kickers, back row blowjobbers, or any other annoying thing people do during a film out. No refund, no argument, your ass is gone. Period.

    3) Better food, and a beer/wine license. The second-run theaters that serve pizza & beer are great experiences, but they lack things like digital projection and high-end sound systems that draw people who are really into movies and have high-end ht systems out of the house.

    If I knew of a theater that met these criteria, I would pay $20 weekly to attend shows there. As it stands, I’ll stick to netflix.

  41. MARTHA__JONES says:

    The movie theatre I visit has all of these benefits except the valet parking, tickets are $7.50/$8.50 for balcony seats. When they opened the local paper had a field day about how expensive it was.

  42. richtaur says:

    Hahahahahaha no WAY would I pay that! I already have a really hard time justifying the bloated prices for soda and popcorn, much less the tickets. Add that to my sweet HD home entertainment center, lack of annoying/loud moviegoers, and that spells RIP for movie theaters in my book.

  43. aquanetta says:

    The Paragon theater in Bangkok is the nicest movie theatre I’ve ever been to. Seriously, red carpet everywhere, big seats, there’s even a lounge area to eat and get a massage if you have time before or after your movie. I think it costs all of $5. Well, probably $35 now with the new exchange rates.

  44. youbastid says:

    Yep, these theaters will be a resounding success. Guaranteed. Recession or not, the income gap has gotten so wide that even in a recession a theater with $35 seats will make a killing. Be on the lookout for $100 cheeseburgers, $200 pizzas and $300 martinis. These have recently started popping up and they won’t be so unheard of in a few years. There’s nothing the nouveau riche like to do more than flaunt how much money they have in the face of those with less.

  45. dantsea says:

    In Seattle, I went to the Big Picture regularly. That’s a very nice place to see a movie with similar-sized audiences, full bar, etc. Average ticket price was about $10.

    In San Francisco, we have many options including the relatively new Sundance Kabuki. They have this weird combination of time-sensitive pricing and an amenities fee that makes the ticket cost vary, but it’s not that much more than usual price for a regular cinema.

    The $35 price tag is outrageous. Ridiculous. And I doubt they’re going to be offering much more than the two examples I cited above, with the exception of valet parking. But I bet they will get a certain percentage of their customer base with outrageous entitlement issues, a la “I paid $35 to get in here, so if I wanna talk loudly on my cell phone while passing gas and working on my laptop, that’s what I’m going to do during this movie.”

  46. vex says:

    I want to go to Mr. Chip’s theater!

    I can’t even justify paying $8. I only go to a couple movies a year on Saturday at 9AM and sneak in my own refreshments.

  47. MrEvil says:

    They better throw in enough booze to get me falling down drunk for $35. And with recliners, I’d probably fall asleep. So a waste of 35 perfectly good dollars. But if they had a “Take the seed outside, LEAVE IT IN THE STREETS!” policy< i might reconsider. Valet parking is also nice though.

  48. wsycng says:

    HELLS No.

  49. marsneedsrabbits says:

    For $35.00 dollars a ticket, I would need a promise from the theatre that people who yack on the phone or whisper loudly or yell at the screen will be taken out and executed.

    Otherwise, no.

  50. redkamel says:

    this thread runs through it all:[]

    basically, people dont go to movies not because it costs 12.50 (which is a good reason) but because there are lame commercial,and loud people.

    First make some good movies. I wont even see half the movies out right now for free.

    Then hire some security that enforces the quiet, dont let people in late, charge babies full price, get some cell phone jammers (dream of dreams!) and people will come to movie theaters

    Please take note of this and thread above, if you have ANY influence with movie theater chains. Otherwise I will be sad to see the local cinema go the way of the dinosaur when they think polishing poop will make it worth 35 dollars (especially going into a recession).

  51. allthatsevil says:

    I haven’t seen anything that says the tickets themselves cost $35. I get the impression they’re including whatever you spend on food and drinks, so that’s really not a bad price if that’s the case.

    At The Alamo Draft House (a place someone has already mentioned) the tickets are about $6.50, but we end up spending about $40-50 or so for two people. They serve beer and wine and no kids are allowed. The aisles are spaced far apart so you don’t have to worry about getting kicked in the back of your seat, and if anyone is making too much noise all you have to do is flag a waiter.

    There are several theaters in my area that I refuse to go to because horrible things always happen. If they put one of these Gold Class Cinemas in my town, I’d probably go to it.

  52. TruPhan says:

    @Imakeholesinu: Agreed. If there’s a movie I care enough about (i.e. The Dark Knight, Iron Man, any other smashes) then it would be worth the investment knowing that I don’t have to worry about a few sour grapes ruining the whole bunch.

  53. LiC says:

    I won’t even pay $8 for a movie ticket. $35 is insane.

  54. sleepydumbdude says:

    I’ve been to one of these before. I wouldn’t go see just any movie at it though. If i had one near me though I’d probably go see the movies I look forward to though. Which is maybe 2 a year if that.

    I wish I had a theater near me with the no kids showings or one that would actually kick people out for being disruptive. Nothing like going to see Rambo at a 9:50 showing and a guy had two little kids in front of me. Probably both somewhere around 10 years old. Everytime anything cool happened I heard the kids scream OMG did you see that and then talk about what just happened until something else cool happened.

  55. quail says:

    This is nothing new. Cinemas have played with luxury concepts in the past. Screening room cinemas. Cinemas with full bar and food. Etc. But $35 per ticket seems a misprint. Are you sure they’re not just talking per cap numbers? With ticket and food purchases they’re looking at $35 per person? That’s not too far off the mark. But spending $35 on box office…which goes mostly to the studio until the movie runs 5 to 6 weeks before the cinema takes a small cut…is crazy. For one ticket I could get one BlueRay disc.

  56. XianZhuXuande says:

    I certainly wouldn’t, but this isn’t for people like me.

    I have a lot of business clients who make a good sum of money and are happy to spend extra for a wonderful experience. If these theaters are placed in the right upscale neighborhoods I am sure they will get business, just as an expensive gourmet restaurant receives regular patronage.

    I can here them now, saying it is worth the extra money alone not to deal with packs of rowdy teenagers.

  57. RandomHookup says:

    If it came with a blow job, heck, I’d pay $50, but for $35 I’d better get a hand job at the least.

  58. manus manum lavat says:

    For that price I’d rather just wait for the DVD. Jeebus.

  59. vision4bg says:

    Gold Class in Australia is awesome. Now that I live in the US I really miss it, especially when the longer movies are out.

  60. arkangel318 says:

    For $35, I’d want more than just an upscale setting. I’d want a movie experience that couldn’t be replicated at home. I don’t think that’s possible right now.

  61. MyPetFly says:

    Business idea — how about a membership-only theater chain with family ancestry investigations, credit and background checks, and secret initiation rites?

  62. DanC922 says:

    lol In my city, we have a theater with comfortable seats, extra wide aisles so you can stretch out, digital projection, high end sound, and call buttons on the seats so you can be served food and drinks (alcohol included) at your seat.

    Oh, and it’s $10 per ticket.

  63. kalmakazee says:

    The only time I ever felt it was worth paying to go to a movie theater is when there is a horror movie showing. It is more enjoyable watching a horror movie on a big screen with good speakers to enhance the spooky sounds. Any other movies I would rather just stay home and watch from my house.

    Here is a good website to watch free tv on your computer.

  64. kalmakazee says:

    The only time I ever felt it was worth paying to go to a movie theater is when there is a horror movie showing. It is more enjoyable watching a horror movie on a big screen with good speakers to enhance the spooky sounds. Any other movies I would rather just stay home and watch from my house.

    Here is a good website to watch free tv on your computer.

    No way in the world I would ever pay $35.00 to go to a movie theater.

    There is a GORGEOUS movie theater here in Dallas, TX that charges I believe $10.00 a movie ticket and they have comfy fancy leather chairs, tables, and a whole bar and grill. You push a button and someone comes and takes your order. Students get an additional $2.00 off.

    The theater is called Studio Movie Grill located at
    5405 BeltLine Road, Dallas, TX 75248. []

  65. mikala says:

    I pretty much can’t stand going to the movies anymore at any price due to all the chatterboxes. Used to be rare that people talked through the movie, now it’s almost a guarantee. STFU and watch the movie, otherwise wait for DVD and watch it at home where you can talk all you want. Anyway, since people talking ruins it for me, and people almost always talk, I’ve stopped going.

  66. ludwigk says:

    Movie tickets are like $20 already in Japan for first run movies, but they also pay like $65 for a good melon. Things are just different over there.

    But, if new movies were $35/person, or around $140 for a small family to watch a movie, that would pretty much justify investing a few thousand dollars in a good home theater setup and just forget about going to theaters.

  67. BillyMumphry says:

    Fairfield, TX is not close to Dallas/Ft. Worth. More like at an hour and a half doing 75 on the freeway. And if you really meant Fairview that’s 5+ hrs. In Texas both of those distances might as well be another planet. Good luck with that.

  68. I barely want to pay the damn prices they have now. Yes I know $7 – $9 (at least here) isn’t a lot to pay for a ticket, but with the way movies are nowadays I’m not going to waste a penny. You’re paying for the service pretty much.

  69. Tansis says:

    I use to be one of those people who said they would never spend more than 10 dollars at the movies. After a bad experience with hoodlums screaming during the movie. I decided to go check out [] in Woodridge, IL. Well now I spend sometimes 40 dollars at the movies. It combines going out to diner, movies, and bar. And with a mostly older crowd, in a small theater, seated in comfortable seats, this experience has totally replaced the larger annoying multiplex theaters for me.

  70. ironchef says:

    it better come with a happy ending.

  71. alexanderpink says:

    Well, in Dallas you can just go to the awesome Inwood Theater, which has a room just as described with about 20 plush chairs and tables in between. It has a bar downstairs and various concessions, and is only like $7. Also, they will have to compete with Alamo draft house in Austin, San Antonio, or Houston. I wouldn’t pay that much for a ticket no matter how much money I had, b/c I can just watch it at one of the previous mentioned theaters or on my home theater.

  72. Saboth says:

    On one hand, I can see this working. The high price will keep out all the morons that jump up and shout jokes during the movies, play with laser pointers, bring in their 7 month old baby, etc. So it is possibly a good idea.

    On the other hand, if you can afford to spend $100 to go to the movies, you probably have your own movie theatre at your house.

  73. JollyJumjuck says:

    And at $35 a ticket, they would probably STILL inundate you with commercials at the beginning (and I’m not talking about movie trailers, but actual buy-this-crap commercials).

  74. CrazyRedd says:

    @livefastjohnny: Linoleum knife, bitches!

  75. Notsewfast says:

    @zacwight: Thank you! Agreed!

  76. Angryrider says:

    Bull, I still won’t go to the theatre because ticket prices are expensive, I’m not paying $10 for a movie I can watch for free later on.

  77. justrick says:

    I’ve pretty much boycotted movie theaters, not because of the ticket prices (I can live with $8-9), but because a small bag of popcorn costs $3.50. Give me a freakin’ break.

  78. milk says:

    Too bad you losers don’t live in Austin. As aforementioned, we’ve got Drafthouses that charge normal prices (including matinées and free shows) and broadcast messages before each show threatening physical violence toward people who make noise. Not to mention people like Bruce Campbell and Chuck Norris come to visit. :D

  79. ManiacDan says:

    Does anyone else consider sushi a “theater-friendly food”? I don’t.

  80. snoop-blog says:

    i won’t even pay the $7 or so it costs now. let alone $35. i can’t imagine how pissed i’d be if the movie sucked! i bet if it was $35 per ticket, you’d have a lot more people demanding refunds at crappy movies. i haven’t been to the theatre in about 6 years. i have a netflix account, and i don’t mind waiting for the new releases. personally movies nowadays suck. maybe one good movie gets made per year, maybe.

  81. bbagdan says:

    I have a movie pass that i’m dying to use, but all the movies out right now are so terrible i don’t even want to go to a movie that is FREE!

    35? idiotic.

  82. RandomHookup says:

    There are lots of places in big cities to see movies for free. Last year, I saw about 250 movies (mostly in common places, some on DVD at home) for nothing. Schools, theater promotions, preview screenings, libraries, churches show tons of movies and usually open them to the public. I also volunteered at a film festival and got to see 10 over a weekend.

    The bias is toward documentaries and foreign films, plus some classics, but it’s better than most of the schlock that comes out in the multiplexes.

  83. meadandale says:


    Wow, I know what a drag it is to have to get up earlier than noon on saturday…

  84. MasterDave says:

    Luxury at a movie is not sushi.

    Luxury at a movie is a couch, a beer, some pizza and paying less than the suckers who go to the multiplex.


    If I want good sushi, I want a sushi restaurant and a guy at the bar chopping up my fish in front of me. I sure don’t want someone doing it while I’m watching Horton Hears a Who eating it in the dark and just not really paying attention to the food OR the movie at that point.

    But Beer and Pizza means movie night to me. Especially when it’s affordable and great.

    Every city needs a speakeasy type theatre. I wish I didn’t have to go across the bay to Oakland for one and I wasn’t stuck with the awful Metreon theatre in SF.

  85. DCGaymer says:

    I’ll do it a time or two to see what the crowd is like. If the higher price tag weeds out the undesirables (Cell phone uusers, people who gab throughout, the crotchety earlybird crowd, people who bring babies) then it’s worth it to me. If it simply brings in a different type of nouveau riche butthead w/ princess date…then it won’t be.

  86. JDobbs says:

    i’m unclear how people can at the same time bitch about distractions in the theater during the showings and then be in favor of full bar and wait service.
    i’ve been to “speakeasy style” theaters and people being brought and ordering various items from concessions and having them brought to their table is just as distracting as any asshole with a cel phone or inability to keep their yap shut and their ass in their seat.
    It should be like a road trip. Bring whatever food and drinks your are going to need for the duration. Don’t bring thing that will stink up the car. The only time you leave your seat is if you literally may die from needing to use the bathroom.
    While the Metreon does suck (but what do you expect in SF?) the Parkway in Oakland is only good for Thrillville trash and even then random audience members who think they are the MST3k crew have kept me away for over a year now.
    Whatever and to each their own on how they want their movie experience, but i need a huge screen (only 2 that are big enough for blockbusters in all of the Bay Area and they are both in the South Bay) Popcorn, Soda, and an attentive staff to the viewing experience. That would be worth 15 at least even at today’s rate.

  87. KJones says:

    @Mr. Chip: 2) Hire bouncers. Kick anyone with cell phones, iphones, pdas, game boys, laser pointers, talkers, seat kickers, back row blowjobbers, or any other annoying thing people do during a film out.

    At $35 a head, it had better include head.

    I’ve been to theatres twice in the past year and seen only one movie, and it reminded me of every reason not to go: the talking, smokers (despite it being banned), kids, infants and the infantile (seat kicking 20 year olds), etc.

    I said I went twice and saw only one because I made them give me my money back – not only my ticket price, but my cab fare as well. The manager of the theatre lied when I asked for “the time the movie starts, NOT the advertisement”. He lied about the starting time, so I made him pay back all my costs.

  88. btdown says:

    Yep..For the 1 move I go to see a year, I would definately consider paying that much for a ticket if it would be full service, and there would be no children.

  89. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    For anyone who doesn’t know what livefastjohnny, foxbat2500, and CrazyRedd are talking about:

    This should be in front of every movie. EVERY movie.

  90. Evopanda says:

    I would rather wait until the movie came outon blu-ray since those are that much :(

  91. Well that’s the end of the film industry right there. Even if I have money to afford this I’d never pay it.

    let’s see $35 to take a drive to NYC, go to a concert, buy 3 movies, or….. for one movie ticket? Wow what a tough choice!

  92. skechada says:

    I’m with Zac. Alamo Drafthouse for the win. $6.50 for a student seat and a couple pints of Boddingtons, or a $5 mocha milkshake, is all I need. ;)

  93. ousterj says:

    Thirty-Five bucks seems high but I’d be happy to pay extra to see a movie without being forced to endure a half-dozen loud freaking trailers.

  94. avconsumer says:

    Guess they missed the box office totals from last week.

    #1? Horton (Dr. Seuss) with a paltry 25mil.

  95. Rusted says:

    I hate going to movies. Paying money and then watching twenty minutes of previews and car ads…yecch. If the thirty-five bucks gets rid of that, all to the good.

    @kozicki4: TEST fail.

  96. ampersand says:

    This isn’t a new thing. There are luxury theaters like this in a lot of major cities already. Why is this on here? It’s more like an ad for the new chain than something legitimately of interest to consumers.

  97. eskilla says:

    They’ve got Gold Class theaters here in WA, Australia. Every movie theater chain has a couple Gold class room locations. It’s like being in your own personal movie theater at home, but not.

    …Although in full disclosure, that’s just what I hear; they don’t let in the under 18 because of alcohol (and I don’t even want alcohol). I’m definitely going when I turn 18 in about a month though!

  98. kyelewis says:

    Living in Australia where Village has these, I can tell you the experience of watching a movie properly like this is nothing less than amazing.

    Shame most people here don’t want to give it a chance- perhaps not because they don’t like the idea, but because they haven’t actually read the article.

    The needs of people above complaining about too many ads, a lack of alcohol, the wrong crowd, and being packed in like sardines, are clearly met by a cinema advertising itself as “Gold Class” with “40 reclining armchair seats” per cinema, “a lounge and bar serving cocktails and appetizers” and “valet parking”.

  99. Soldier_CLE says that Hideo Kojima has to make MGS till the day he dies! says:

    Movie ticket: $35

    Movie ticket for your date: Another $35

    Concessions: $40

    Realizing that it also has a restaurant feature and you have the feeling that you don’t wanna look cheap in front of the others: $100 for 2 meals

    Beer/Wine: $20

    Tip to the waiter: Whatever’s left over in your pocket.

    Watching the cinema go up in flames in a riot because everyone just realized that they paid a mint to watch yet another hackjob rehash of any given Hollywood movie? PRICELESS.

    Watching it all go down in flames from outside the movie theater, and NEVER buying a $35 ticket?

  100. ekasbury says:

    Quite frankly, that sounds like a bargain.

  101. ekasbury says:

    @ekasbury: I was being sarcastic, BTW.

  102. Spooty says:

    I’d only go if the tickets had a clause that stated that anyone who talked while the lights were out, would be ejected without a refund, and if the money went to pay ushers who zealously enforced this.

  103. thirty five bones for a movie ticket!? that’s freaking unreal