Comcast Is Renting Your Land And They're Not Paying Their Bill

When you don’t pay your bill Comcast cuts your cable off, but what happens when Comcast doesn’t pay its bill to you?

A Northeast Missouri family says that Comcast has been renting their land for a cable tower, but hasn’t been paying the bill for the last six months. The confusion started when Comcast took over another cable company that had been renting the land. The family tried negotiating with Comcast, but the cable company walked away from the table.. and kept using the land.

From the KHQA:

When Comcast walked away without paying its rent, the Williams’ decided to stop providing the service by shutting off the transmitter.

With the tower out of service, a Comcast employee had to come to the tower to turn it back on. That meant he trespassed onto the Williams property. That happened a couple of times before the Williams decided to turn the power off.

Again Williams told me a Comcast employee returned, trespassed and brought a generator to keep the tower going.

KHQA talked with Comcast officials to find out why the company would trespass. Here’s the explanation we got.

No power on the tower shut down emergency pagers for physicians, not to mention turned out the tower’s lights which serve as a warning for airplane pilots.

Comcast officials say they didn’t know about the contract negotiations or the backed up tower rent until they officially took over Insight Jan. 1.

Monday, the Williams signed a year long contract. But that hasn’t changed anything.

The Williams told us they contacted KHQA, because they want local customers to know what kind of company is serving the Quincy area.

She says it’s the kind that wants you to pay your bills, but won’t pay its own.

Comcast officials also told us the Williams’ rent check is in the mail.

Comcast paying their bills late? [KHQA] (Thanks to a Quincy resident !)

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