Best Buy Keeps Your Credit Card And SSNs In Plain View On The Sales Floor

Here’s a disturbing letter from reader Blake:

I saw something a little weird at our local Best Buy [redacted]. While on my break from work I decided to stop by the store and pick up the latest copy of Rainbow Six Vegas 2. While walking through the audio section of the Home Theater department I passed by a computer terminal next to some stereo equipment and an open filing cabinet in the middle with a tray on-top. At first I thought it was just storage for binders, pamphlets, sales ad’s and stuff they might need on the floor, but when I looked into the tray I saw completed credit card forms, with peoples names, addresses, social security # and etc…

It also had shipping documentation for customers products, and other documents concerning customer purchases. I then checked the drawers and found it filled with the same documentation for sales, completed credit card sheets, and etc. Also all the cabinet drawers were unlocked and the lock clearly broken allowing anyone passing by to take a look at some ones info.

Usually stores would keep this stuff in a backroom, or at least behind a counter. Not in the open where anyone can easily grab a sheet and get someone’s information.

I included some pic’s too, sorry that they’re not that good I had to quickly take them on my phone as a sales rep started coming over to ask me for the 5th time if I needed anything.

We called the Best Buy in question and they confirmed that customer contracts containing sensitive personal information were being stored on the sales floor in a tray on top of the filing cabinet. They apologized and promised to move the information into the back room where it is supposed to be stored.

They sounded as appalled as we were, but we’ve redacted the exact location of this store just in case. Is this a common problem at Best Buy?


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